Slots: Real Money Vs Free Games

Hey, yo! Want to go online and play for pretend money? Stop laughing, I’m not kidding. It isn’t a waste of time, it’s awesome fun. What, you don’t believe us? Okay, fine, we’ll prove it to you.

Every online casino player knows one thing: there is real money to be won playing those games. Some you’ll win, some you’ll lose, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the chance to walk off with some sweet, sweet moolah. So why on earth do some online casinos even offer free games? What is the point, you may ask – and you’ll likely find many who share your view.

There are, in fact, many good reasons for games to be offered free, and for you to try them out.

Why casinos (and providers) offer free-to-play games

Have you looked at an online casino’s slot offering recently? A half decent casino will have a good selection, and when you’re talking about serious operators, there are literally thousands of games to choose from.

This can make choosing a game challenging, unless you already have a favourite, but with game developers and online casinos constantly releasing new games, there’s always a chance to try something different, something fresh and exciting.

Enter free-try games. Nobody wants to waste money on a game they don’t love, and free games give you the perfect excuse to give a new game a risk-free spin and see if it’s up your alley.

Slots: Real money vs free games

Why you should try free games

Trying a free game is about more than just checking out a new release. There are many good reasons why you would consider playing free slot games at your preferred online casino.

Testing settings

Many new games have variables that you can select. For example, some allow you to adjust the volatility or variance, within a fixed range. Some include special features you can select or change. Figuring out exactly what configuration works for you shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so trying the game out for free gives you a chance to work it out in advance.

We recommend first checking out each game’s game guide to establish its fixed and variable settings. If you want a preview on the game, you can also have a look at our ever-growing games review section to find out more.

Game design and music

Life would be a pretty boring place if everyone liked the same music, art, movies and books. The flip side of that, of course, is that some music, design, colour schemes and animations might have you turning green or just wandering off. Some players enjoy high-action games with piles of sound effects and flashing images, while others prefer a more relaxed ambience.

There is a massive variety of game designs and themes. Some of the most popular include Norse, Greek or Roman mythology, wildlife, safaris and jungles, TV series and movies, pop culture, cartoons and a whole slew of luck-based themes. Every category also includes a range, from simple to complex games, with unique theme music and sound effects. That means literally thousands of different variations. And just because you enjoy the style of one game, it doesn’t mean the next one will feel the same. Sifting through games to find those whose design you enjoy should be at your leisure and cost free.

Game enjoyment

Just as important as the music and design is the actual game play. If you’ve spent time on slots, you’ll know that every game is unique – there’s no cookie-cutter game experience, and you shouldn’t have to spend on a game you don’t enjoy.

By taking several minutes to experience the game fully, including its regular spins, bonus features, animations, sound effects and music, you can easily gauge whether you’re ready to settle in for a lengthy session, or if you want to find something less annoying, thanks.

Get to grips with the game play

With any online slot, you have options for how to play: variances in betting amount, autoplay vs self-guided, and so forth. Each game also has built-in volatility and variance, which can’t always be adjusted, depending on the game.

Free game play is a great way to really test every aspect of the game and tweak the variables to suit your preferred style, or learn the best ways to handle the game. Figuring out the best way to play the game and maximise your chances can take time, and we don’t believe you should waste money on a test drive.

Checking out the menu

It can be way too easy to get stuck in a rut and only play the same two or three games over and over, like ordering the same cheeseburger every time you get takeaways. We get it, we all have our favourites, but sometimes you want more than the usual. Sometimes you have to try out the chicken strips or the ribs… Free games are an awesome way to broaden your playlist, discover games from providers you’ve never tried before, and see what tickles your fancy. Now, where’s that food delivery app?

Discover new releases

Providers like Caleta, OneTouch, Red Tiger Gaming, Betsoft  and others are constantly releasing new games with new features. Keeping up with what’s new and exciting can be a monumental job (trust us, we know), and free play on these games is a godsend for players. While many of these providers do allow free play on their own websites, we recommend trying the free play feature on your favourite online casino instead. The reason for this is that the casino’s jurisdictions and unique settings may slightly influence things like volatility and variance, meaning you’ll get a more accurate reflection of what to expect if you play there.

Slots: Real money vs free games

Where to play free slots

Free play on slots is offered by many online casinos, although not all. In some online casinos, all games are available to play free. Other online casinos offer free spins on certain games as part of your welcome or other bonuses. For more information on the best online casinos in South Africa, visit our casino reviews section.

Sure, we’re all in it for the win, but it’s a real bonus getting to spin for free before you commit your cash to a slot that’s worth it.

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