5 Fresh Slots For Spring 2022

The season is changing here in South Africa. Winter is slowly making way and we can look forward to some balmy weather rather than the freezing misery that we have had for the last few months. And we can get a few months of generally pleasant and comfortable weather before the infamous – but glorious – heat of the African Summer really sets in.

Spring is filled with the sounds of birds, the scent of jasmine and pine, flowers popping their heads out to see if it’s safe, and our greenery returning from the desolate browns of the winter – well here on the highveld anyway.

It’s a season of renewal and rebirth and we, the CasinoPlay crew, are sure we stand with all South Africans in looking forward to ditching the Winter layers and hitting up the sundresses, shorts, and t-shirts.

To celebrate our re-emergence from our cocoons against the cold, we took a look at five online slots games widely available to South African online casino fans that symbolised what Spring means to us, that gave us the smileys as we look forward to the season of regrowth and romance and love and all those schmaltzy things that make the little birdies sing.

Check them out. Try them out at top online casinos for South African players like Play.co.za. With the new season comes a new energy and a hope for a brighter future – and bigger winnings at our favourite online and mobile casinos!

spring slots
fresh slots for Spring 2022

Birds – Betsoft

Our first online slots game is from Betsoft and it’s a game that really sums up all that is awesome about Spring – and about the joys of playing slots.

Birds is very simple game. But it goes so far beyond just spinning reels. It is gorgeous. It is cute. It is fun. Light-hearted and playful, Birds is becoming one of our favourite online and mobile slots to give us a smile on a dreary day. Totally adorable!

Betsoft have done an amazing job of taking a very simple game and giving it wonderful life with cute and gorgeous graphics, a very minimalist sound, and an intriguing and unique reels mechanic.

Birds is a 5×3 slot with a cascading symbols feature. Straightforward but with a little twist in the way that the cascade works that makes it very interesting. With an RTP of 96.48%, medium volatility, and cluster pays, Birds is an absolute joy to play.

Best for:

Just having some Spring fun and reminding ourselves just why we love slots so much. Plus the cuteness factor is absolutely adorbs!

Butterfly Lovers – Wazdan

From super cute and simple to something a bit more complex and with a far more intricate storyline. Butterfly Lovers from Wazdan is a true Romeo and Juliet-style story of the two Chinese lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. It’s a heart-breaking story of love denied during life but finds a way after their tragic deaths in the form of butterflies.

While this slot is something we do include in our Valentine’s Day lists, it actually has a far more pertinent place in a Spring slot. Spring is a time where love blooms, just look at the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. And Butterfly Lovers is packed with Spring imagery from the butterflies to the bright and fresh backgrounds to the cherry trees in bloom (cherry blossoms are one of the earliest signs that Spring is on its way).

And speaking of packed: Butterfly Lovers is packed with features. The gorgeous hand-drawn style graphics are mere ornamentation in this feature-rich 4×4 online slot. Wilds, scatters, stacked symbols, free spins, mystery symbols, multipliers, clusters, AND bonus games make Butterfly Lovers a complex and highly entertaining online slot for South African casino fans.

There is a Liang Shanbo Bonus Spins feature, a Zhu Yingtai Free Spins feature, a Magic Sack Bonus feature, and even a Gamble Feature for those who like to double-or-nothing there wins.

Best for:

Players who like their slots with a little more substance.

fresh slots for Spring 2022
fresh slots for Spring 2022
Enchanted Meadow – Play’n GO
fresh slots for Spring 2022

Enchanted Meadow – Play’n GO

Enchanted Meadow from Play’n GO is a magical slot – both in terms of its theme and in terms of its play. With a gorgeous backdrop of Spring flowers and a host of beautifully drawn fairies as the main imagery in the game, Enchanted Meadow is … enchanting.

While magical fairies aren’t something we necessarily find entertaining, the way that Play’n GO have brought this 5×3 reel title to life had us entranced. The soundtrack is so unobtrusive it almost becomes a secret tune in your mind. The graphics are stunningly rendered and make that magic come to life. The fairies (and the little dormouse) are so wonderfully realised that they almost seem real.

But the true magic comes in the bonus features. In addition to Wilds and Scatters and Re-spins, Enchanted Meadow gives us an intriguing and fun bonus game that launches when you land three of the purple flowers (Daffodils? Tulips? Whatever, we’re not horticulturists so purple flowers they shall be named). This bonus game is a ‘find the hidden fairies’ game that just adds to the fun. But beware finding the Wasp because that will chase the fairies away – and all those extra wins and free spins.

Best for:

Players who want a little magic, and a lot of features, in their online casino game.

Beautiful Nature – Gamomat

Spring is all about nature, and Gamomat’s title puts us in the garden of an English country house as Spring hits full bloom. The artwork is whimsical, the symbols all feature a garden theme, and the soundtrack is suburban nature at its most chirpy.

It brings the gentle Spring vibe to life for all us hectic town folks, and still manages to add a bit of excitement – especially with the free spins and generous max payout. Gamomat have done a superb job with this 5×3 online slot that has more hidden gems than a country garden.

Best for:

Players who like a little tranquillity with their slots play.

Beautiful Nature – Gamomat logo
fresh slots for Spring 2022
The Hive
fresh slots for Spring 2022

The Hive – Betsoft

Spring is the busy time for plants and bees. The industrious insects are at full buzz as the zoom about pollinating and making honey and so on.

And The Hive from Betsoft is a busy little slot with some sweet features!

From the unique hexagonal grid layout (symbols in a 3-4-5-4-3 format) to the cute cartoon style to the excellent features, The Hive is breath of fresh air in the slots game.

What makes The Hive a buzzing good time are the little bees that randomly appear to trigger feature. The Drone Bee fills a meter with honey to trigger Free Spins, the Worker Bee (with its cute little hammer) applies multipliers to winning paylines, and the Queen Bee a bunch of other bees and their triggers.

The Hive is different and it’s sweet and it’s endearing, but it’s also unique – and we love that!

Best for:

Players who want something out of the ordinary.

It’s a new, fresh season – time to try something new and fresh.

Throw aside the layers of clothing (which you can do to your heart’s content within the safety of your own home, but we really advise against stripping off in public – online casinos for the win!), turn off the heaters, throw the windows open and get some fresh ideas for your online slots enjoyment.

The sun is shining, the birds are birding, and the players are getting ready to play!

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