5 reasons online casinos are perfect for beginner gamblers

Starting out in the gambling world can be intimidating after all, you’re betting your hard-earned money and putting all your trust in Lady Luck. For first-timers or novices at online casino sites and the gambling world, the biggest problem is getting started.

At CasinoPlay we believe in giving you as much advice and guidance as you need to make sure you approach a table or a game with confidence and with the knowledge you need to have fun. Having fun is incredibly important in the gambling world. If you’re gambling just to make a buck you may as well get a 9 to 5 job – your chances of getting a regular increase in your bank account are, like, a million times higher than if you’re going to rely on gambling for an income.

The CasinoPlay experts are seasoned gamblers and dedicated visitors to online casino sites around the world. And we all we do it for the thrill and for the fun.

And to learn as much as possible about the online casino world so we can give you, the beginner gambler, as much good advice as possible.

So, sit back and find out why online casinos are the perfect places to start your gambling journey.

Learn the games at your own pace with an online casino

When you’re new to gambling, just like when you’re new to anything else, you need to get an understanding of the how’s, the when’s, the why’s, the in’s, the out’s and the basic principles of putting your money one the fickle winds of chance.

Online casinos give players that are new to gambling a perfect environment for learning the rules without losing their money.

The internet is bursting with all the knowledge you need to get your gambling going, but you can’t really pull out your laptop at a slot machine or start searching Google at the roulette table. But with online casinos you can just pop open another browser tab and surf to your heart’s content. In fact, some online casinos, and online casino sites like CasinoPlay, will give you all the tips and advice you need while you play.

You can take your time and get an understanding of the games on offer, the rules of the games, how to register and log in to online casinos, how to choose a trustworthy online casino, review ratings for online casinos and games and generally start a game with a good background as to what you can expect.

Put your learnings into practice at an online casino

Once you have an understanding of the casino world and the games you can play (and how to play them) you need to put some time into playing them under real-world conditions.

This is another area where online casinos are perfect for beginner gamblers. If you go into a land-based casinos and start gambling you are more than likely going to lose everything very quickly. Land-based casinos don’t care if you’re new to a game, they just want you to put your cash down.

Online casinos give you the chance to practice before you play with real money. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Play demo mode

Most online casinos will have a demo mode on most of their games (except for Live Dealer games which are closer to playing at a land-based casino than virtual and digital games). Once you’ve logged in to your chosen online casino – NB: see our tips and trusted online casinos on our reviews pages – find a game that interests you and look for a ‘demo mode’ option. This will allow you to play without putting real money on the line. Obviously, you won’t win any real money back but this is all about getting some practice in.

  1. No deposit games

Online casinos also offer you the chance to test games without depositing money. Usually this is done by taking advantage of ‘no deposit bonuses’. These bonuses are sort of like real money in that they are credit given to you by the online casinos so you can play without risking your cash. However, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, these bonuses come with very strict and very particular conditions. Read the terms and conditions and check the wagering requirements before you start playing with no deposit bonuses. You can find out more about no deposit bonuses on our bonuses page.

Can you really win money on online casinos?

Build up your confidence at an online casino

Once you start getting used to and familiar with how the games work you will find that you start feeling a lot more confident and you’ll start having a lot more fun. Now you can go to a land-based casino knowing that you won’t make a fool of yourself or do something that offends the other players. Confidence is a massive part of gambling. The more confident you are, the more you will enjoy yourself – even if you are not winning.

Online casinos are cost-effective

Online casinos offer new gamblers an opportunity to play for much lower real money stakes than a land-based casino. If you’re losing money because you’re unsure of what you’re doing, rather choose to lose small amounts. Online casinos also give you the luxury of sitting back and taking time to analyse what you are doing. Land-based casinos can be quite rushed and other players don’t want to wait around if you’re having doubts about what it is you want to do next.

Online casinos are comfortable

Land-based casinos are high-energy, high-stakes places. The sounds of the bells and sirens and whistles, the flashing lights and garish interiors, the masses of people and tension in the air – this is not an environment that you want to enter if you are just starting out as a gambler.

Another thing to consider is that land-based casinos can be HUGE. Some, especially in South Africa, are entertainment destinations that offer more than just the casino and attract more than just the gamblers. This means that from the minute you step inside you’re bombarded by an overwhelming number of people and things that can have a sensory overload effect on you.

Online casinos come to you in your comfort zone, and that’s incredibly important when you’re learning the ropes. When you’re comfortable and at ease you’re far more likely to make good decisions. In a chaotic environment you’re probably going to make mistakes. Mistakes that will cost you money.

CasinoPlay’s advice for beginner gamblers

We are players who love the casino and gambling world. It’s why we do what we do: research, try, test, review. We want to share our passion with like-minded people around the world and show them that online casinos and land-based casinos can be places where you have fun without being ripped off.

Our advice for beginner gamblers is this: start out at an online casino, read our reviews and tips to find the best ones and the best games, do some independent reading and research to ensure you have all the facts, practice until you’re confident, and then hit the tables or slots at a real-world casino. Trust us, it can only work to your benefit.

One more thing! The most important, crucial, vital piece of advice we can offer – watch your cash, make a budget, stick to it. If you’re losing, just walk away and try again another day!

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