How to make your bankroll last longer

What’s more annoying than how fast time goes by when you’re having fun? The workday is called that and not the work 8 hours because those 8 hours feel like 24.

Stretch your slots bankroll

Spend an hour at your favourite online casino and it feels like 5 minutes have gone past.

What is worse than that?

Well, how about how fast your bankroll seems to disappear when you’re playing on a tight budget?

Thankfully, CasinoPlay is here to give you some tips on how to make your bankroll last longer while you’re playing online slots.

For all those online slots fans out there, here are our lucky 7 tips on stretching your slots bankroll.

Slow down

It may seem obvious but taking your time not only extends how long you can play for – it also makes your bankroll last longer.

Take a breath after you finish a spin and your reels have stopped. Enjoy the moment. Anticipate what is going to happen when you hit the spin button again.

Online slots are all about being present in the moment. It’s the anticipation just before you spin, your brain spinning as fast as the symbols as you try to will them to stop favourably, your eyes flashing across the paylines as you try to calculate the result before the software does.

And then a breath, a sitting back, before starting over again.

Not only does this add to the thrill of the game and extend how long you play for, it also makes your bankroll last longer as you halve the time between bets.

Another good tip is to avoid the turbo spin option and the auto-play option. Both of these options speed up the game and don’t give you the time to actually enjoy what you’re doing.

And they burn through your bankroll much faster.

Let it play

It’s tempting to rush the game when you get a jackpot. This means hitting the spin button while your win is animating across the screen one coin at a time.

Don’t do it. Let it play out, even if it’s a big win that may take a minute or two to complete.

You’ve hit a winner. Enjoy it. Watch the total building up on screen and in your bankroll. Savour the win, don’t rush into trying again. Big wins are rare, but even small wins can make you feel good if you just take the time to appreciate them.

And, as above, it will make your bankroll last longer of you don’t just hit the spin again and start potentially losing.

Play for free

This is a tip that works for those who play online slots for fun. The big money players and real money fans can skip this one.

There are a ton of free slots sites on the internet. If you’re looking to really stretch out your bankroll, it may be an idea to find one that offers prizes. These sites offer slots games for free where you get a set amount of credits to play with. You win more credits which aren’t worth anything but it does make for a fun experience.

However, a lot of these free slots sites allow you to buy credits – from a couple hundred to a million if you want. They are not expensive but they do allow you to play for a reward in a way because you can get prizes rather than real money.

One other thing about the free slots sites: they do tend to make the slots game very cool. You can use your winning spins to unlock all sort of bonus games and extra screens and power ups to complete challenges.

Actually, really good fun for a really small cost.

Online casino promotions

Online casinos offer often lucrative bonuses for players: welcome bonuses, daily bonuses, monthly bonuses, no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, the list goes on.

There are also bonuses that are specific to online slots players and they include free spins which are awesome because you get to spin without using your own money.

You can use these bonuses to boost your bankroll and get more bang for your buck.


These bonuses come with some very strict terms and conditions. What may seem like free money is actually just an incentive to get you to play more and play with your own money. There are wagering requirements that come with all online casino bonuses and you MUST read and understand exactly what these requirements are before you decide to take advantage of the offers.

For savvy slots players, these bonuses can be used to boost the bankroll. For newbies who don’t read and understand the wagering requirements they can be frustrating and leave the player feeling like they’ve been ripped off by a scam.

Manage your playing time

Take frequent breaks. Get up and walk around. Get a drink or a snack.

Walking away from the game for a half hour or so will keep you from spending all your money at once and will also help you keep your head in the game. Just like any activity, especially in the digital world, you can get sucked in and lose sense of how long you’ve been playing.

A healthy player is a happy player so, take a break from the screen to clear your head and get some movement through your body and you’ll not only have a better experience, you’ll also extend the time it takes to go through your bankroll.

Look for features

What sets modern slots apart from the old lever-pull system is the ability to use technology to add features to the games. Online slots are leading the way in adding little extras that make the online slots games more immersive and also more exciting.

For those players looking to make their bankroll last a bit longer, this is a game-changer.

Look for online slots games that offer features like free spins and bonus rounds. While free spins usually don’t need you to do anything as they spin and calculate automatically, they are giving you time to not spend your money and still rack up the wins. Free spins can also lead to more free spins which can be pretty significant.

Bonus rounds are where you can really save bucks while playing for wins. Bonus rounds and mini games add a little more entertainment to your slots game, taking you from the monotony of watching spinning reels and bringing something different and engaging to your play.

And, of course, meaning you’re not spending money while getting the chance to win.

Try smaller denominations

Try varying your game style by playing with smaller denomination instead of max bet every time. R100 last a lot longer when every spin cost 10 cents rather than R10!

While this will make your bankroll last way longer, it will exclude you from big wins like progressive jackpots where you need to max bet to trigger the biggest jackpot.

But this is about saving money so you can play for longer, not about playing for huge jackpots so…

Take the time to have fun

The majority of these tips are quite simple and centre around managing your time more than anything. Time is money as they say and this is obviously the case in the online slots world.

CasinoPlay hopes these tips help you in your play, because we firmly believe in the fun that can be had with online slots. It’s about the experience not about the win, and money management can help you get the optimal experience no matter what your budget.

Play responsibly. Watch your spend. Stick to a budget, And the online casino world will become a rewarding and enriching place for you.

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