What Games Can Be Played At An Online Casino?

Online casinos and online casinos games are growing at an exponential rate, no more so than among South African online gambling fans. In an age that is rapidly being identified by a shift into working and playing in the virtual world – very much due to the global Covid pandemic but it is a trend that has been gaining momentum for a while as is evidenced by the rise in popularity of eSports and eSports betting – we are becoming far more accustomed to and happy with doing our daily routines over the Internet.

Work From Home, remote meetings, online shopping, and ordering groceries for home delivery is the new normal. And it is a humongous boon to the online casino world.

And yet, for all its growth, we are still seeing uncertainty and scepticism from those who have not yet tried out the future (or is that the present?) of the gambling industry.

“But it’s not the same!”, we hear the cries. “They don’t have my favourite game!”, comes the whimper from the wings. “What about the social side?”, sobs the little social butterfly stuck in the web of not being able to go out and be seen.

But it’s all BS.

Why? Because the online casino world offers everything you could possibly need from a land-based casino – and more. More games than could possibly fit in a building. More thrills as the technology brings in ever greater and more entertaining options. More savings because you’re not splurging out on drinks and meals and parking and all the rest of the nonsense associated with a night out. And more opportunities to enjoy the company of others without risking ending up on an oxygen machine because the rest of the crowd forgot to mention that they were Covid positive!

So, for all you doubters out there, let the CasinoPlay crew show you exactly what casino games you can look forward to when you enter the world of the virtual casino.

Types of casino games available at online and mobile casinos

Everything and more that you could possibly find at a land-based casino.

South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to brick-and-mortar casinos. We have some of the best in terms of size, layout, quality, choice, and location. But all these casinos added together still don’t have a fraction of the space that is available to the virtual casino industry.

Which means there is a far greater selection of casino games waiting for you online than can ever be put into a real-life space.

When we look at online casinos, we are seeing the greatest opportunity to find and play our favourite games ever, but also the biggest chance to discover new and amazing ones at the same time – with more added every day!

When it comes to types of games you can be assured that the top online casinos offer everything. There are online casinos that specialise in certain games only, like slots, but the biggest and most popular have a vast choice for the South African player, a choice that includes:

  • Slots

Classic slots

Video slots

Progressive jackpot slots

  • Video poker
  • Table games





  • Dice games


Sic Bo

  • Wheel of Fortune games
  • Instant win games




Scratch cards

  • Sports betting

Live sports betting

Virtual sports betting

eSports betting

What specific casino games can I play?

The list is far too extensive to put down in one place. There are hundreds out there.

So, rather than listing every game available, we’re just going to tell you more about the game types you can expect. Please note though that this is merely scratching the surface and some online casinos have incredible and unique specialty games that fall way outside these categories – Casino Patience is one example, the classic card game now comes with a gambling twist that you really need to check out.


What is more synonymous with casinos than the good old slot machine? The casino industry is built on the one-armed bandit, the fruit machine, the pokey. And online casinos have not only embraced these classic gambling machines, but they’ve also turned them into immersive, enthralling, exciting entertainment behemoths.

From the classic 3-reel fruit machine with only one payline to 5-reel or more extravaganzas, from basic symbols on a spinning reel to bringing the latest and greatest video game mechanics into play, from penny slots to insane progressive jackpots that rocket into the multi-millions, the online slots game is slot machines on steroids!

No matter what you fancy, you WILL find a slots game that grabs you. Awesome themes from the latest movies; music-inspired slots from the likes of Guns ‘n Roses, ZZ Top, Ozzy, and more; classic themes like fruit or Ancient Egypt exploration; the power of the Gods in Greek, Roman, and Viking mythology – it’s all a bet and a spin away.

guns n roses online slots


Possibly the second most popular game in the casino (behind slots) online casinos bring you every version of blackjack you can possibly think of – and even some you may not have imagined.

You can play classic blackjack, multi-hand, European, American, Super 7, Perfect Pairs, and 21 Burn. You can even take a trip through history and find games of pontoon and vingt-et-un, the earliest forms of this always trending casino game.

games at online casinos


The ultimate symbol of casino royalty is featured in all its majesty at the online casinos. And it even comes in some pretty wild variations like Dragon Baccarat.


Poker has been dragged out of the saloon and into the modern world thanks to the choices you get online. Most land-based casinos will have one or two poker tables, usually limited to Casino Stud. Online casinos don’t need to find space for tables so they can feature every version of the world’s most popular card game you’ve ever wanted to try: Caribbean Stud, Casino Stud, Texas Hold’em, High Hand, Pai Gow, and Red Panda are just a few examples.

And then you have the video poker options with Jacks or Better, Magic Poker, and Deuces Wild upping the ante for passionate poker players.

games at an online casino


The “game of the street” is now right down your alley whether you’re at home, on holiday, or taking a lunch break. South Africans are not the world’s biggest craps players, we seem to prefer the cards rather than the dice, but there are still a bunch of different versions of this game for those who want to roll the bones.

online casino games


Whether you’re looking for wheel with a single “0” or that slightly more challenging “00” (no, not the James Bond 00) you can find a game any time you want with a quick click of the mouse or tap of a button. No need to wait for a space at the table, just hit the little wheel whenever you feel like taking Lady Luck on a date because online casinos have an incredible variety of roulette games for you.

games at online casinos

Instant win games

For those who enjoy the fast-paced wins there are all your classic games like scratch cards, lotteries, bingo, and keno. Keep an eye out for really interesting and highly entertaining games the Monopoly game with its incredible bonus games. Wheel of Fortune games are also highly popular and there are hundreds of themed versions to choose from.

online bingo at online casinos

Specialty games

One of the bestest things about the virtual casino world is that you can play games that you can’t find anywhere else. The Monopoly game is a great example, but there are others like Pai Gow poker, Mahjong, and Sic Bo that have a very exclusive following but are widely available online.

games at online casinos

Sports betting

While sports betting does have its own, select online portals, there are online casinos that do offer this entertainment choice – just like there are online bookies who also offer a range of casino games.

The biggest growth in the sports betting world is actually driven by the virtual world: eSports betting. This growing sport is worth billions so it’s no surprise that the casinos have taken notice.

games played at an online casino

Live Dealer gambling

And finally, we close with one of the biggest revolutions in the online gambling industry – and one that should shut all the “social butterflies” up – Live Dealer games.

Live Dealer games are your favourite casino games that you play from your couch or your desk or the seaside just like any other online casino game – except you are playing with real live dealers and equipment, in real time, with real players.

Using web can tech, you are taken to a live gambling room to play blackjack or poker or roulette or teen Patti or Wheel of Fortune or any of a host of other games. Here you interact with live (in the flesh live!), highly trained, and exquisitely turned-out dealers using actual, real, physical equipment like wheels, tables, cards and so on to host your game.

While you cannot see or physically talk to other players, the live chat function allows you to interact and banter and chat with other players and the dealers while you play.

It’s everything a land-based casino can offer minus the annoying crowds and pesky noobs who don’t know what they’re doing!

live dealer games

It’s just a snapshot

This is just a glance at the online casino offering, a mere taste of the games and thrills that await the passionate player on the other side of their screen. With mobile tech bringing the casino to your pocket, we are only going to see further growth and innovation – and we can’t wait.

Remember to make sure you’re playing with a trusted online casino, one that caters to and welcomes South African players and their Randelas. Check out our reviews section to find the best online casinos for South African players but the CasinoPlay crew would highly recommend you try out Play.co.za, GBets and Hollywood Bets for a superb experience.

Watch your budget, manage your time, play responsibly – and have FUN!

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