The Most Trusted Online Casinos In South Africa In 2023

Before we get going, it’s important to note that gambling in South Africa is a very strictly controlled area, and many online casinos that operate here are not licensed in South Africa, but elsewhere. Please check out our article on the difference between legal operators and ‘grey’ operators to make sure you know the difference. All casinos featured in this article are legally registered in South Africa.

Gambling online should be about the fun and excitement of the gameplay, stunning graphics, and bonus rounds. You should be looking to get that next big win – or at least the next rush of adrenaline that comes from the anticipation rather than worrying about how trustworthy or legitimate the casino is.

When selecting an online casino, there are a few key points to consider. You want to make sure that you’re playing at a reliable, accredited establishment with a good reputation for handling money safely and securely. You should also check that the casino has a high payout percentage (95% or higher) and easy, secure deposit and withdrawal methods. It’s also worth looking out for a site that is easy to navigate with information quickly accessible. Finally, it’s worth researching the games to ensure that you’re getting good value for money.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry. We’ve scoured the internet to find the most reliable South African online casinos with great payouts. If you’d rather do your own research, just keep the factors mentioned above in mind when trying to decide on a casino that you can trust

The most trusted online casinos 2023


Playing at an online casino should be fun, exciting, and rewarding – and this includes getting the most out of any welcome bonuses and promotions that are on offer. Unfortunately, some casinos make it impossible to benefit from these offers, or the terms and conditions are extremely unfair in favour of the casino. This can take the fun out of the game, not to mention the frustration when you know your winnings are just out of reach.

For a positive gaming experience, it’s important to choose an online casino that pays out and openly shares its terms and conditions, particularly in regard to wagering requirements.


Ensuring that you’re dealing with a trustworthy online casino starts with licensing. Reputable online casinos will usually display licences and certifications on their homepage or ‘About us’ page. If you’re unsure, contact the customer support team and ask for proof of certification and licensing. If they can’t provide it, it’s probably best to move on to another casino.

Having accreditations and a valid licence shows that the online casino has been approved by industry experts and is reliable. Without this kind of proof, you can’t be sure of the casino’s legitimacy, so don’t take the risk. Here, again, we can’t stress strongly enough that only a handful of casinos are legally allowed to operate under South African law, and many of the online casinos operating in SA may be ‘grey’ casinos.

Transparent information

Before you place any bets with real money, it’s crucial to read the small print. Take the time to understand the details of payouts, bonuses, wagering methods, and withdrawal procedures. A good online casino will make these terms and conditions easy to find and understand and should have pages dedicated to guiding you through the process. Not being transparent about their rules and regulations is a major warning sign, so be sure to read and understand them before investing any of your cash. Doing your research now can save you a lot of trouble later.

Reliable customer support

Having a competent and friendly customer support team can take your online gambling experience to the next level. If you have any questions or issues, you can count on a knowledgeable and polite voice to get you through it. The best online casinos have support staff who are available 24/7 and can give you the help you need. Whether it’s a simple inquiry or a complex technical problem, they’ll be ready to assist you. Don’t settle for anything less than the best customer service.

SA’s top trustworthy online casinos

Play logo

Licensing and certification

Licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. licence Number: 10172287-011



When it comes to wagers, bonuses, and banking, you won’t have to worry about complicated legal jargon or hidden terms and conditions. This site has made sure everything is easy to find and understand. Plus, there’s a helpful FAQ section with answers to all your important questions. You can also find links to welcome promotions T&Cs, relevant policies, and responsible gambling, making sure you know all the information you need. With these features, you can be sure you’re in good hands.



Speed: 1 day

Methods: Instant EFT


Site usability

Visiting this site is a pleasant experience. Its user-friendly design offers clear menu options, making it easy for users to find what they need quickly. The graphics are modern and visually appealing, and the interface is easy to navigate. It is designed to provide a smooth journey from start to finish, without any frustrating interruptions. It is simple to find information and explore the features of the site, allowing users to find what they are looking for without any difficulty.


Customer support

The customer support offered by this site is top-notch. While the site does feature a ‘live’ chat, it is actually a chatbot that can provide basic answers to any questions. For a more detailed response, users can log a query and an email address is provided right at the bottom of the page for convenient access. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and all queries are responded to within 24 hours. If a human response is required, users can ask their questions and the team will get back to them promptly.



GBets welcome bonus

Licensing and certification

Gbets is operated by Dymanex (PTY) Ltd. Registration Number 2012-121-966-07 and is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.



This site provides great transparency for its users, with detailed terms and conditions for free bets, live roulette and baccarat, bonus money, cash out and free bet. There is also comprehensive information about their policies and links to the PAIA manual. This ensures that users have a clear understanding of the rules of the site and are aware of their rights and responsibilities.



Speed: 2 hours to 3 days

Methods: ewallet, EFT


Site usability

This site is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear menu options and an eye-friendly interface. Despite the complex sports betting tables and spreads, users can easily orient themselves as the information is clearly presented. The site also provides helpful tutorials and tips to help users familiarise themselves and have a successful betting experience.


Customer support

This site offers excellent customer support options, with detailed FAQs to answer any initial questions. For additional help, users can use the live chat, email or phone call service, all of which offer fast and helpful responses. The live chat was a little slow to answer but provided very useful and detailed information.




Licensing and certification and are both licenced by the Gauteng Gambling Board, the Limpopo Gambling Board and the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator, while specific products have been given a licence by the KwaZulu-Natal Gambling Board and the Western Cape Gambling Board.



This site provides excellent transparency, with general terms and conditions, online liability information, a bookmaker’s licence, links to the various gambling boards, responsible gambling information, and various other policies. All these features make it clear that the site is not just about gambling – it is committed to providing its customers with a safe and responsible gambling experience.



Speed: 1 hour to 3 days

Methods: EFT, instant money, ewallets, in-person claiming at a Hollywoodbets outlet.


Site usability

The site’s design features a bold black background and white writing that gives it a sophisticated and modern look. Despite the darker colour palette, the contrast is excellent, ensuring that all the text is easy to read. The layout is also intuitive, with everything neatly organised in menus and easy-to-find links. This makes it incredibly straightforward to find what you need, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable user experience.


Customer support

Getting hold of the support team is straightforward, with a variety of options available to contact them including email, helpline, social media, postal address, and a live chat. The live chat is a chatbot, but it’s simple to get through to a human operator by simply typing ‘human’. The customer support team is both knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring your queries get resolved quickly and effectively.



Best sportsbook South Africa

Licensing and certification

Licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, Raging River Trading (Pty) Ltd (2011/134505/07) is allowed to promote Betway South Africa, authorised under Bookmaker licence Number: 10181496-009.



The terms and conditions are clearly and conveniently broken down into relevant sections for easy reference. For those who need it, there are also links to responsible gambling support, and absolute transparency about sponsorships and affiliations. Everything is laid out in a way that makes it easy for customers to understand what is expected of them, and what recourse is available.



Speed: 2 hours to 3 days

Methods: EFT, debit/credit card, ewallet


Site usability

Despite its simple design, the website is laid out in a way that makes it incredibly easy to find your way around. Instead of flashy bells and whistles, the site prioritises user-friendliness and simplicity, so users can quickly find what they are looking for. Navigation is quick and straightforward, making the whole experience seamless.


Customer support

Help is never hard to find on this site. While you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the ‘Contact Us’ option, you will then find an array of helpful options, including live chat, Facebook chat, Twitter, and a toll-free helpline. This makes it easy to connect with someone to get the help you need.


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We’d love to hear what you make of playing at online South African casinos. Which ones are more and less trustworthy, and why? What do you keep in mind when looking for the best online gambling experience? Share your thoughts with us.

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