What’s the most trusted online casino?

Registering with an online casino should never be a gamble; you want to wager on odds not on your money and security! So how do you make sure that your casino is the most trusted one you can find?

There are a few steps you can take when checking out a prospective virtual gambling den to make sure that you can play slots, cards, or dice without worrying about your wallet

So, anyone seen your work?

Most casino review and information websites will include ranking systems and reviews to help you find a trusted casino. For example, here at Casinoplay, you can find reviews here, how we do reviews here, and our top ranked casinos here. If your preferred casino consistently scores well in reviews, you can probably trust it, as those reviews are done by real players like you.

We always ask for honest, unfiltered opinions before we score any online casino.That’s why we always recommend doing your research before registering with an online casino; in fact we have even provided you with a ranked list of our most trusted online casinos.

Wanna bet, buddy?

Nobody likes to do it but sometimes it pays to read the terms and conditions; especially when trying to find an online casino that you can trust. We recommend just gritting your teeth and wading on through the Ts and Cs, and we’ve even written an article explaining why. Here’s a summary:

  • All online casinos advertise free cash prizes with their welcome bonuses and promotions to help bring in new players. These enticing deals all look great but without reading the fine print you might end up disappointed if you don’t meet the requirements to access that free cash prize or discover that you need to invest twice the amount of the ‘free cash prize’ before you have access to those funds.
  • There are wagering requirements attached to many online casino games, but especially slots. You often have to spin the reels a certain number of times before you can win free spins or withdraw any winnings.
  • You will know that you’ve found a safe online casino if they advise you of the fine print attached to every promotion, bonus, jackpot, and game. The details are also often provided in fine print under the banners offering free cash or kittens.


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You worked with anyone I might know?

An indication of a trustworthy online casino is if their game portfolio includes well-known game providers like Play’n Go, Wazdan, Betsoft, Red Tiger, or Blue Print Gaming. These big names in online game development not only lend a certain level of credibility to an online casino but also make it worth your while to invest in the first place.

Can you take it to the bank?

Information on deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as the terms and conditions linked to those methods, should always be easily accessible on the online casino’s website. This should be written in plain language, in clear terms with a minimum of financial and legal jargon.

This is again, this is where it pays to read the Ts and Cs, many online casinos will accept multiple forms of payment when receiving a deposit but will limit you to one method when it comes time to make a withdrawal. You should also keep an eye out for withdrawal speeds, some casinos provide a same-day service while others require you to wait 3-7 days before you can access your funds. 

License and registration please

An online casino’s valid license is confirmation that their practices are approved of by industry experts and that they can be trusted. This should be the bare minimum prerequisite when looking for a new online casino – why risk your money with a casino that is not clearly licensed? Finding these details is a piece of cake; a casino’s license, ownership and registration details can normally be found right at the bottom of the web page in a small font.