Where to play online slots demos for free

Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’, watch those wheels a-spinnin’! It’s a free slots hoe-down and everyone’s invited! Ever wondered what playing slot online is like, but worried you’ll break your budget? Or are you a seasoned player, looking for your next new obsession and don’t want to waste money on games you don’t like? Wherever you’re at, there’s a free demo slot out there, waiting for you to play it.

The skinny on online slots

There are many amazing designers out there: Kalamba, Red Tiger, Evolution, NetEnt, Super Spade, and many more. Each of these has a massive, growing catalogue of games, and they’re working on outdoing each other at all times. There are also hundreds of online casinos, some of which have exclusive contracts with certain providers, and others that stock various games from multiple providers.

Every single game is different, which doesn’t just mean their look. Games can vary in number of reels, paylines and symbols. Payouts vary wildly, as do bonus games, which could be literally anything, from a wheel of fortune to a game of snakes and ladders. They also have different specs, such as volatility and variance, their RTP percentage, and a multitude of factors that affect game play, as well as your chances to win.

Let’s get real. There are literally thousands of online slots out there. The industry-leading game design houses are churning out slick, fun and beautiful games at such a rate we can barely keep up with the reviews. So how are you, the gamer, supposed to find your next new favourite?

where to play online slots demoss

Why play free slots?

Playing free demo slots is a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with games you’ve never played before. You get to go through all the new releases, popular games, or even go back and find a retro classic you missed. Free demo slots allow you to play a game without spending real money. Sure, they don’t pay you out any real money, but you can certainly get a good idea of how much you could potentially win, or lose.

By playing a game for free, you get to tinker with the variables, like your betting amount, or any in-game settings. For example, some games have a fixed volatility, while others let you select from low, medium or high volatility. Some games have automatic bonus games, while others ask you to choose which you prefer.

There are many good reasons to play free slots for gambling purposes, but let’s not forget, you might also just want to kill time or have some fun without risking your bankroll. If you’re into online games like slots, you might just want to play because you enjoy it.

Where to play free demo slots

Players have a few options when it comes to playing free demo slots online.

Firstly, some game developers themselves will allow free demo play on their website. This is often restricted to new releases only, however.

Secondly, certain online casinos in South Africa allow demo play on many or even all of their games. This is not universal, though, and there are many that don’t offer free-to-play games.

And thirdly, there are websites dedicated specifically to free demo slot play. One of these websites is slotsfree.co.za. They have games from over 20 of the biggest game providers, including Blueprint, Betsoft, Fugaso and others. There are currently close to 1700 video slots, over 160 slot machines, almost 80 table games, and even a handful of classic slots to play on slotsfree.co.za.

Why aren’t you playing yet?

We love online slots, and we especially love free to play games, because they give us a chance to explore the world of online casino slots thoroughly. We highly recommend plugging into sites like slotsfree.co.za to find slot demos that give you the thrill without the bill!