Winning Gifts for Gamblers

What do you get for the gambler in your life? Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, even just a thank you or ‘thinking of you’ gift can really make someone’s day and give them that winning feeling.

But choosing gifts can be a chore. If it’s someone you know really well and for a long time you may have started running out of ideas. If it’s a new acquaintance you may not know exactly what they need or have or whatever.

Thankfully, the CasinoPlay crew are experts at both gambling and giving gifts so, if your giftee is a gambler, we know just what unique gifts will get them feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot.

Say it with flowers … or plants

There are a number of flowers that are given as symbols of good luck and plants that are supposed to attract fortune and wealth. For the gambler in your life who is getting a small token of your appreciation or affection, a bouquet of flowers is a great symbol – but giving them flowers or plants that will last and continue to attract good vibes is even better.


Flowers bring beauty and fragrance to any environment and are especially appropriate if given as living gifts rather than cut and dying in a vase of water.


These bright flowers are said to chase away evil spirits and their yellow and orange colours are symbols of pots of gold and good fortune in many cultures.


Peonies are delicate flowers that symbolise luck, prosperity, love and good fortune.


The lush and bountiful blooms of the hydrangea symbolise good luck and fortune and also represent gratitude, happiness and enlightenment.


Whether they are planted out in the garden, put into indoor pots or turned into fascinating bonsais, plants do more than clean the air and create oxygen, they also symbolise and attract fortune.

Jade Plant

Also known as lucky plant, money plant or money tree, the jade plant is an evergreen succulent native to KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape pf South Africa and Mozambique but popular worldwide as a symbol that attracts wealth.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a gorgeous potted plant that is reputed to bring good luck depending on the umber of stalks the plant has.

2 stalks symbolise love (and a doubling of luck).

3 stalks attract happiness, wealth and longevity.

4 stalks are NEVER given as the word for ‘four’ is very similar to the word for ‘death’.

5 stalks attract health to emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and intuitive life.

6 stalks attract opportunities for greater wealth (in Chinese, the word for ‘six’ sounds like the word for ‘luck’). And there are even more meanings for more numbers of stalks.

Aces high

What is more iconic in gambling than the Ace of Spades. Songs have been written about it, movies have been made about it, and now you can gift it.

Ace of Spades cufflinks

Classy and elegant just like the gambler in your life. Get it at Mantality (

Ace of Spades bottle opener

Whether they’re celebrating a win or just winding down after a long day, remind them that they’re aces in your life. Get it at Mantality (

What’s on the cards?

A friendly game at home? Honing their card-sharp skills? Make sure they can hit the deck running.

Waddingtons of London Springbok playing cards

Waddingtons of London are the world’s premium card manufacturers. The Springboks are the world’s best rugby team. Together they offer a quality deck of cards that features the victorious Rugby World Champions. Get it at Mantality (

Iron & Glory gold playing cards

52 badass black and gold playing cards to show the competition you’re not playing around. Striking, stylish and oh-so-cool. Get it at Mantality (

Giant poker set

Nothing’s bigger than the game! Prove it with a fun set of oversize cards (28cm x 20cm) and chips and make a poker evening a bit more relaxed and amusing than serious and solemn. Get it at Mantality (

Time to shine

An elegant watch is just what the sophisticated gambler needs and there are hundreds of men’s and ladies watches to suit any look and any budget, from Casio to Tag Heuer and Rolex to Breitling. What we find quite extraordinary are the Christophe Claret watches that actually have games like poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat built into the watch itself.

Swatch Casino Royale

A simple watch with elegant James Bond Casino Royale branding. Get it at Swatch (

Zazzle roulette wheel watch

A classy roulette wheel design that will put a smile on your face every time you check the time. Get it Zazzle (

For the REAL high rollers

Christophe Claret creates bespoke timepieces that have real, working casino games built into the watches themselves. Beautiful! Get it … who’re we kidding, if you can afford a R2 million watch you probably have a personal shopper as well. But try

Show off the passion

Let them show off their passion with jewellery. There are a ton of jewellery options for gamblers that range from rings to earrings to pendants to bracelets. Our favourites are these:

Playing card suit earrings

Clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades in a striking design. Get it at Amazon (

Casino charm bracelet

Fun and classy accessory for the lady gamblers. Get it at Amazon (

Or you can get jewellery custom-made at artisanal jewellers like Black Betty ( or Gerhard Moolman (

Make an event of it

Gifting is even better when you can join in the pleasure. Why not create a casino evening for your gambler giftee? Organise a dinner, show and casino evening at a fine casino destination like Montecasino or Sun City or GrandWest if you’re in sunny South Africa. If you have truly deep pockets then organise a trip to a casino destination like Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo. Check out our article on the world’s best casino part1 here and part 2 here.

And if you really want to make it memorable, buy them a scratch off map so they can mark off every country they’ve ever had the chance to place a bet in. Get it here

Give them the gift of luck

For a personalised and meaningful gift, find out what their lucky charm is (every gambler has a lucky charm) and get it put onto jewellery or socks or even a tattoo so they can always have it with them.

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