Caleta Gaming Review

Caleta Gaming is a relative newcomer to the burgeoning world of online casino games.

Caleta Gaming

caleta gaming

Caleta Gaming is a relative newcomer to the burgeoning world of online casino games. Established in 2013, the company operates out of three locations – the UK, Brazil and Gibraltar. However, it provides games to online casinos and other gaming operators around the world. Despite its youth in the industry, Caleta’s games have proven highly popular, thanks to their creative and engaging design.

Caleta’s mission is to bring exciting, innovative new games to the market. According to CEO David Marcus, they don’t want players to just plug in some coins and play, they want people to enjoy every second of the gaming experience. The company prides itself on the research that goes into creating their games’ themes and interactivity.

Caleta Gaming offers games in four categories: slots, bingo, keno and lotto.


Slot games come in a variety of formats, with different levels of volatility and themes to suit just about every kind of player. Popular games include:

  • Hurricash: a farm-themed three-reel game with zero lines and nine spot reels
  • Village Brewery: a 3×3 Oktoberfest-themed game featuring a fun accordion quest
  • Hallowinner: a spooky, Halloween-themed game with five reels and a whopping 30 lines


Bingo games are available in many different themes, each with its own special features, bonuses and extras. Some of the bingo games feature multiple paylines as well, not just the traditional in-line win. Among the best-loved Caleta bingo games are:

  • Señorita Calavera
  • Saga Loca
  • Señor Taco


As of this writing, Caleta has three keno games available:

  • Banana Keno
  • Magical Keno
  • Jungle Keno


Currently, Caleta offers one lotto game, Atomico Lotto.


Most of Caleta’s games are designed for use across multiple platforms and can be enjoyed on a desktop, laptop, Android device or iOS device.

Online casinos

Caleta’s games have found an audience among South Africa’s online casino players, and most of the SA-domiciled casinos offer at least one or two of the company’s games.

Free play

You can also try out any of Caleta Gaming’s products for free on their website. Here, you can not only test games to find those you enjoy, but you can also find a detailed game guide for each game. These game guides include technical specifications, features, RTP, system compatibility, and even a list of languages that the game is available in.

In 2019, Caleta formed a joint venture with another well known games provider in the industry, Copacabana Gaming. This new venture, called Ipanema Gaming, leverages Caleta’s creative and popular games design and Copacabana’s extensive network to bring more games to a wider audience.

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