How To Close A Hollywoodbets Account

We all know how easy it is to open an online casino or online sports book account in South Africa: hit the register button, complete the details, verify the email or SMS link, and off you go!

But what about when it comes to closing an account? Will it be as simple? Will the online gambling partner try to entice us or reward us or threaten us or even beg us to stay?

Hollywoodbets is one of the bigger and more popular online sports books and casinos for South African gamblers, so we thought we’d task a member of the CasinoPlay crew to try and get their account closed. What we found was pleasantly surprising and definitely in line with the excellent service that Hollywoodbets provides.

It takes a little effort

We began by sending an account close request to the general Hollywoodbets helpline email channel. This just stated that we wanted to close our account with no further details.

Within a working day we had a response from a friendly customer service person advising us of the process and querying whether we perhaps were having trouble with log in or passwords? It seems that Hollywoodbets are aware that sometimes player frustration may lead to rage quitting and thus are there to help soothe any issues before they hit the cancellation stage – which is excellent customer service.

Just on a side note: we did experience issues with our username and password, as we have with a number of South African online gambling sites, but they were totally of our own making (we forgot a crucial step in the sign-up process). This may be a reason for the customer service rep asking about problems with our username or password!

The actual process

The process of cancelling Hollywoodbets accounts is super straightforward, all you need to do is send a letter to the relative departments. However, there are a few very important details that the letter must include:

  • The letter MUST be dated.
  • The letter MUST include the player’s full name, mobile number, ID number, and Hollywoodbets account number.
  • The letter MUST state the reason for the closing of the Hollywoodbets account.
  • And, finally, the letter MUST be signed by hand – NO digital signatures!

What to do with the letter

Once the letter is hand signed, scan it and email it to AND to

Is that it?

That is pretty much it. It takes a few days with the back and forth of emails and details and working hours, but we got an account closed confirmation email a couple of hours after sending in the letter.

What could delay the account closing?

It is worth noting that there are situations where the account closure will be denied or delayed. These include, but are not limited to, if the player has any outstanding balances, pending deposits or withdrawals, wagering requirements that have not been fulfilled, bonuses or promos that have been redeemed and not been completed according to the Ts & Cs, or is any dispute with the online gambling partner.

The overall experience

Closing out Hollywoodbets account was an absolute breeze. Obviously, we had no outstanding wagering or money issues, and we had comported ourselves honourably during our time with Hollywoodbets, so that made it really easy.

Still, we have heard horror stories of players trying to close accounts (looking at you Facebook) and having an absolutely torrid time of it.

Hollywoodbets is one of our most highly recommended online sports books and casinos and their excellent customer service is just one of the reasons why they are so well-liked and have so many players using their services.

Professional, friendly, and well-deserving of their high rating in our CasinoPlay reviews.

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