How Do I Withdraw From spend a lot of time talking about getting off to a winning start, being made by punters for punters, and their history of getting going after the highs of the South Africa-hosted 20210 World Cup – but does all of this translate to a winning experience?

The CasinoPlay crew are big fans of the platform. They are a positive playing partner with a great review on our website, they have a huge presence across the country and aren’t afraid of putting their name out there with their sponsorships and their advertising, and they have a tasty selection of bonuses and promos to get us excited for upcoming sports events and the boost to our bankroll that bonuses bring.


How do they rate when it comes to getting our grubby mitts on the winnings we’ve scored because of our intuitive and expansive sports knowledge (or our luck when a game goes our way!).

The CasinoPlay crew had a look at just how players who choose as a partner can get their cash out of their sports book/casino account and into their wallets.

The withdrawal process

Withdrawing money from your account into your bank account follows a standard industry procedure:

  • You must be a registered and verified player
  • You must have a positive cash balance in your account
  • You cannot have any bonus cash in your account (any amount deposited using a bonus)

To withdraw your cash:

  • Go to the ‘My Account’ section (top right of you screen)
  • Select ‘Withdraw’
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and your bank details

Is that it?

Yes – and no. While the process is super simple, there are some things that players must remember:

  • Any funds that are a result of a bonus offer (welcome bonus, 1st deposit, etc.) or a promotion (19th Hole, Done by a Donkey, etc.) have strict wagering requirements and cannot be withdrawn until these playthroughs and wagering requirements are met
  • Money can only be withdrawn into a valid and properly FICA’d bank account
  • Withdrawals can only be processed using the ‘Withdrawal’ option on the website – no telephone or email withdrawal requests will be processed. will need players to comply with all FICA requirements as mandated by the gambling authorities and the law.

But, other than the necessary paperwork and making sure you have complied with all Ts & Cs and wagering requirements, withdrawing from is a painless and hassle-free experience!


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