How To Get The Most Out Of Online Gambling

You’ve set up your system. You’ve got a great Internet connection and secure wi-fi. Your device is charged and ready to go.

It’s time to hit the virtual casinos and get your gamble on.

But how do you know you’re doing everything to the best of your ability? How do you know that you’re going to have fun and not end up in a rage quit because you’re just losing money?

You come to the experts (that’s us – the CasinoPlay crew). We’ll show you exactly how to get the most out of your online gambling experience. From reviews on casinos and games that are perfect for South African online gamblers to strategies and guides on games to tips on safety and gameplay to interesting articles and views on everything related to gambling – we are the place where the players come for fun and knowledge.

Sit back. Take a minute or two to get to know what happens in the virtual betting world. Head into the most thrilling and fastest-growing online industry armed with all the knowledge and advice you need.

Know your casino games

Before you even begin looking for an online partner to test out your luck, you must know how the games work. Do some research. Learn the rules of games like blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and whatever other game you are interested in. Go further and find out how the online casino version may differ from a bricks-and-mortar casino because there are small but important changes when you play against a software programme versus when you play against a live, in-person dealer.

Knowledge is power.

Even seemingly simple games like slots deserve a little research before you start playing. Learn about RTP, variance, the difference between 3-reel and 5-reel, and how different bonuses like wilds, scatters, multipliers, and mini games affect your play. Understand why you can choose between currency values and coin amounts, what a max bet does, and why progressive jackpots are so huge.

CasinoPlay has a number of handy guides and articles that address all the ins and outs of different games on our Guides page, and we frequently post articles about how to play on our News page.

Choose the right online casino for South African players

You understand the rules, now it’s time to put them to the test. Where do you go?

The online gambling world is huge and growing by the day. Choosing the right online or mobile casino is crucial to having an enjoyable experience. And that means knowing that your chosen gambling partner is going to offer you fair play and a legitimate site.

The first thing to look for at any online casino is the license. Every legitimate online and mobile casino must be licensed by a recognised gambling authority. These authorities come from territories where online gambling is legal, for example: the UK, Gibraltar, Malta, and Curacao. There are others but these are the main ones.

A legitimate, licensed online casino will also post their license number on their website (usually at the bottom of the home page) where you can see both the licensing authority and the related license number. You can use this license number to check whether they are real with a simple Google search. Type in the license number and see what pops up. If it’s above board, it will come up with a page reflecting the casino owner’s name and the licensing authority.

There are many fly-by-night scammers out there just itching to get their hands on your cash so make sure you have researched your potential online casinos.

CasinoPlay has reviews and checks on all the top online casinos for South African players under our Casino Reviews page and we do intensive investigation into every aspect of the casino to make sure you get to choose from only the best and most trusted providers of casino games.

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Look out for bonus offers

Look out as in keep an eye open AND look out as in BEWARE!

Bonus offers can give you a great boost to your bankroll and often seem as if they’re just free money being handed out by online casinos. But, as my dear papa use to say, nothing in life is free.

Bonuses come with very strict wagering requirements. If you violate these wagering requirements in any way you could lose all your money (as in all your real money that you really put into your casino account).

Read the wagering requirements. Understand the wagering requirements. If you want some advice on bonuses and wagering requirements, we have several pages and articles to help you.

But also, don’t be afraid of bonuses.

Bonuses can be great if used responsibly and when understood properly. They can be used to test an online casinos performance and user-friendliness. They can be used to try out new and unfamiliar games without risking real money. And they can be used to extend your bankroll and give you an added buffer while you play.

Manage your moolah

You wouldn’t take your wallet full of cash and throw it into the sea, would you? Don’t do it at an online casino.

Make sure you budget properly. Only play with money you are comfortable with losing. Yes, losing. Gambling is all about chance – which means you have as much opportunity to lose as you do to win. You should only gamble with money that, if you have a bad day at the tables, you will be sad to see disappear but not devastated and unable to pay for groceries.

Once you’ve budgeted, make a bankroll. This is the amount of money you plan on playing with at any gambling session. A good rule is to start with your bankroll and then only play with money you win. If you are on a losing streak and your bankroll is kaput – walk away. Do not add more money to try and win your bankroll back, that is a zero-sum game and will only lead to grief and anger.

Spend less, play more

We all get caught up in the thought of winning big, but that’s not how gambling works. Gambling should be a fun activity, something that takes our minds off the ordinary and everyday. Going max bet will increase your potential wins, but it will also decrease your bankroll faster. Choose to mix up your play. Hit a few max bets when you think your odds are good. Keep most of your play to lower bets and extend your fun times.

Playing R10 a spin or hand on a R100 bankroll gives you 10 chances to win. Playing R1 gives you 100 chances and a lot more time on your favourite game.

Watch those progressives

They are the life-changers, the jackpots that become casino legends. And there’s a reason why they are so high – they are almost impossible to hit. Progressive jackpots are the most volatile and high-risk games in a casino. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of players from all over the world all vying to be the one who wins the big prize.

But how many actually do?

Find out more about progressive jackpots here.

Play the system

Not the gambler’s system, the casino’s system.

There are very few strategies that actually help you win. Rather, they help you play better. And there are NO strategies that can help you predict a slot machine or game. NONE! It is completely and utterly RANDOM!

The system we are talking about is the system that keeps players returning to a casino – loyalty programmes, VIP status, tournaments.

These can be some of the best ways to get added benefits and bonuses that you can use to make your play even more fun and maybe even a bit more profitable.

Watch the time

Time is money. Set a time just like you would set a budget. What seems like minutes while you’re playing can be hours as the excitement blinds you to how long you’ve been playing for. Watch your time and take regular breaks (for your metal, physical, and financial health).

Stay in control

Don’t drink or do drugs while you gamble. All it does is make you sloppy and affect your decision making. There’s a reason why land-based casinos offer free drinks to gamblers and it’s not because they like to see you enjoying your favourite tipple.

Above all – have fun!

Gambling and casino games are all about having fun, not making money. This is not a job, it’s an entertainment!

Go into your gambling session knowing that you’re there to have fun not solve your financial dreams and you’ll have a much better time. Casino games, especially the modern online ones, are packed with thrills and excitement. They are tech and entertainment wonders. What they are not are ATMs that hand out money.

If you’re having a bad day, walk away. In fact, if you’re having a good day, walk away. Take the win, don’t push for more. There will always be another day to visit your favourite online casino and casino games.

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