Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are the stuff of dreams and fantasies – the enormous, life-changing win that many players seek, the pot of gold at the end of the slot rainbow. But what are they, how do they work, and is it possible to beat one?

What is a progressive jackpot?

With most casino games, including many slots, each round has a conclusion: you place your bet, roll the dice, spin the wheel, lay your cards down, and it’s win or lose, then onto the next round.

A jackpot is the big win, the largest prize a slot (and some others) will pay out. With regular slot games, these are set at a fixed amount. This type of jackpot can be substantial, but it won’t ever go over the game’s fixed max payout.

A progressive jackpot, however, is one that grows while people are playing the game. The more people play, the higher the jackpot grows, until it finally pays out. The prize money from a progressive jackpot can be huge.

Playing regular slots vs progressive slots

Regular slot games are played on an individual level; it’s just you against the random number generator, win or lose. Even if a thousand people are playing the same online slot at the same online casino, everyone’s playing solo, and payouts are fixed.

Progressive jackpot slots are linked by network, and every player is chipping in to send that jackpot creeping ever higher. Sometimes, the game’s network link is exclusive to one online casino. That means anyone playing that game at that online casino is contributing to, and has a chance to win, the jackpot. Most often, however, the linked network is managed by the game provider. This means anyone, anywhere in the world, who is playing that game on any linked online casino, is both a contributor and a potential big winner.

Progressive jackpot slots

How to play progressive jackpot slots

While it’s tempting to throw big bets at a progressive jackpot slot hoping to win your fortune, this might be counter-productive in the long run. Bigger bets do usually mean bigger payouts on winning paylines on a regular slot game, but this is only partly so with progressive slots.

Any size bet can trigger the jackpot win, but regular bets and payouts can and do happen during game play. It’s like playing a regular slot, but with the potential for an enormous jackpot win. So, you can treat it like a regular slot.

Once you have selected a progressive slot, take a moment to get to know the pay tables and game specs, and plan your strategy as you would for any slot, with a few small adjustments. First, remember that people tend to spend longer playing a progressive jackpot slot than a regular slot, so account for that when setting your personal time limits. Don’t forget to set a max loss limit or spend budget to ensure that the excitement of the chase doesn’t leave you broke.

The magic formula

Guys, there’s no formula that guarantees a win. Seriously. A progressive slot, like every other online slot, is controlled by a random number generator (RNG). Every spin is random, and the RNG has the say over which symbols you land.

An RNG can’t play favourites. It won’t give you the jackpot just because you’ve faithfully sat mobile in hand, playing for hours. It won’t feel sorry for you; it doesn’t care about your feelings or the money you’ve spent. You have as much chance of winning the progressive jackpot as someone who has just spun their first reel.

Our magic formula, however, is this:

T + R + S = RG

No, don’t worry, it isn’t algebra.

T: Time limits. Always set a time limit for gaming. This not only helps protect your bankroll but is also important for your physical and mental wellbeing. Your body and mind need a break every hour or two.

R: Randelas, of course! We recommend setting a play budget or a loss limit so you don’t end up broke.

S: Savvy. As a gambler, you need to know when to walk away, rather than continuing to chase it.

RG: Responsible Gambling! We want you to enjoy your time gambling, but we don’t want to see you lose big. When you play responsibly, you enjoy the online casino world for much longer.

Where to play progressive jackpot slots

Not all online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots games, but there are many favourites that do, including, and Lulabet.


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