Slots Multipliers

Once, Twice, Three Times A Winner With Slot Multipliers!

We love nothing more than the thrill of the win. Slot games are uniquely designed to not only make your win exciting, but to actively celebrate it. And in this world where players are always on the lookout for the next great gaming experience, game designers and online casinos have to keep stepping up their game.

But how on earth can you make winning more exciting than winning? Why, by making that win bigger than anyone could have ever imagined, naturally! Enter the slot multiplier, the best thing to happen to both the online gambling and casino slot worlds.

But what on earth is a multiplier, anyway? Look, we know primary school maths was a long time ago, but it’s not that complicated. It is, in fact, exactly as simple as it sounds. It’s a number by which your win is multiplied, in order to award you anywhere from twice to hundreds of times your initial win.

How do slot multipliers work?

Every online slot that you play will have certain built-in triggers that activate a multiplier. These triggers can come in the form of a wild, a scatter symbol, or some other predesignated symbol in the game. A game can have a single trigger, or multiple.

Multipliers are a unique and separate feature of certain slot games that can come in many formats and sizes. They don’t affect, nor are they affected by, the complexity of the game, the number and type of payline or any of the other features, as a rule.

Symbols as triggers

Whether it’s a wild buffalo, an Arabian princess, a wild deuce or an ominous magical tome, trigger symbols can activate various different types of multipliers, depending on the game’s design. For the most part, they will somehow be designated as ‘special’ symbols, with more graphics, greater detail and more design effort than the more simple symbols.

A game may have one symbol that triggers a multiplier, possibly in the form of a mini-game, or it can have multiple symbols that trigger different multipliers.

Mini-games and spins as triggers

Many slot games offered in South African online casinos will include some kind of mini-game. These are not always multipliers – they can also be bonus games – but frequently, they act as a multiplier. One version of these types of mini-game is a wheel of fortune that spins to select your multiplier. Once it is done spinning, your win is multiplied by the relevant number, and pays out.

Mini-games come in a massive variety of formats as unique and varied as the slot games themselves. It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with any online slot you intend to play, so that you fully understand how the slot multipliers work, alongside things like paylines, wilds, jackpots and other game features. 

Check out our game reviews for in-depth looks at some of the biggest and most popular games in online casinos, and to find out what multipliers and other bonuses they offer. If you don’t see your favourite game there yet, don’t worry, we are continuously adding to our reviews.

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Where to play?

Slot multipliers are to be found literally anywhere that online casino slots can be found in South Africa. If you have a favourite online casino already, go and trawl their games selection to find out more about which games have the best multipliers. Otherwise, you can have a look at our casino reviews page to find your new favourite gaming haven. We suggest taking a look at and GBets to see just how varied the online casino world can be.

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