Highest grossing casino games

Online casinos continue to get more and more popular, with fresh innovations such as live casino games giving people fresh reasons to try these sites out for the first time.

Various types of games are available at online casinos, which often have separate sections for poker, scratch cards and even online bingo these days.

But what are the highest grossing casino games in the world? Let’s take a look at them.

Highest grossing casino games


There is no doubting that slots take top spot when it comes to the highest grossing casino games. Casinos make most of their money from slot games, with the percentage of their revenues from this type of game thought to be as high as 80 per cent, or even pushing 90 per cent sometimes. This is despite the fact some online slots – including world-famous titles such as Mega Moolah – offer the chance to win life-changing sums of cash from a single spin of the reels. Mega Moolah is responsible for some of the largest ever wins from an online casino game.

All casino games have what is known as a house edge, but this works a bit differently for slots. Instead, they have a numerical value known as RTP – return to player – which shows how much users can expect to win back from their stakes over an extended period of time.

RTP for slots can vary a great deal but they are usually between 91 per cent and 99 per cent. Naturally, the best value slots have a higher RTP, though variance must be taken into account as well. Players should take time to check the variance and RTP of a slot before spinning.

However, the picture is a bit different for casinos in Asia, where slots are not as popular. They still prove profitable for casinos, but only make up a small proportion of their revenues.

Highest grossing casino games


It might be surprising how much money casinos gross from poker given the fact this game involves players taking each other on, rather than playing against the house. But casino sites take a significant cut when players select online poker games, including a proportion of the entry fee paid to get a seat at the table for tournaments.

Even though these tournaments can offer massive prize pots, casinos make sure they are still making a profit from the games even when their overheads have been taken into account.

Casinos love poker as there is no way they can lose, unlike in games like slots where they might have to pay out huge sums if a jackpot is triggered.

Highest grossing casino games


Although baccarat does not have the same public profile as other casino games like blackjack and roulette, it makes a massive amount of money for the industry on the quiet.

This is despite the fact baccarat has a very low house edge, which is partly why it is so popular with players. In Asia, for example, baccarat is usually the most popular casino game.

The house edge can be around the one per cent mark, with this excellent value helping to attract so many people to try out baccarat over the many other options that are available.

Baccarat is different to most other casino games in that it is possible to bet on the dealer’s hand to win, but whatever the outcome it is the casino that will come out on top at the end of the day.

Highest grossing casino games


Casino games like poker and blackjack include some skill, but this is not the case for roulette. This casino game is purely about luck, which helps to ensure it makes heaps of cash for casinos around the world and on the internet.

Even the best value roulette games have a house edge of nearly three per cent, which shows just how hard it is for players to make a profit out of spinning the wheel. American roulette games have a house edge of over five per cent due to the fact the wheel has two green spaces for zero on the wheel.

Roulette is not usually a smart play due to its poor value compared to games like baccarat, but casinos love it when players take a seat at the wheel as they can make bank.


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