Game On – The Slot You Have To Play On Video Game Day

The CasinoPlay crew really need to get this out of the way before we go any further – Microgaming, what the hell?!

When we first heard that there was a National Video Game Day (an American thing obviously) we were super stoked. What was it about? Where could we celebrate? What could we do? Turns out there are TWO National Video Games Days – one on July 8 and one on September 12. The difference between the two is currently not know but it appears that July 8 is a celebration of video gaming started by a video game aficionado and a video game shop owner while the September 12 is a more modern version that ties in with game discounts on the big platforms like PlayStation and Xbox.

As purists of the video game arts, we decided to take July 8 as our day, and find some really cool slots for all our fans to play, slots that were directly related to video games

SO much of disappointment

That’s right, folks – DISAPPOINTMENT!

Why? Because there are some incredible looking slots that would have walked onto our list, except they are all Microgaming! Which means us poor Saffricans can’t play them because we’re on the excluded list.

Hitman and Lara Croft (and not just one Lara Croft slot, they have two different ones) are two of our absolute fave video game franchises and two seemingly amazing looking slots – that we can’t play! Booo!

And then we have a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare slot from Amaya Gaming that also seems to be unavailable to play at present.

Oh, the trials of being a passionate South African online gamer.

SO much of joy!

But all is not lost because we do have some great – no, spectacular – news. There are two slots we can highly recommend for all the video gamer slot players out there: Resident Evil and a retro shout out that just blew our minds.

Resident Evil 6 – Skywind

This is an amazing slot from a relative newcomer to the industry. Skywind Group have been around since 20212 and have, to date, over 350 games out in the iGaming and online casino world.

Resident Evil 6 is an impressive high volatility slot that is true to the beloved game. It is a 3×5 reel slot with 25 paylines and a posted RTP of 95.09%.

There are features galore and lots of action to keep players engrossed and the addition of clips that look like they are straight from the high-def video game itself gives Resident Evil an amazing, immersive quality. The graphics are incredible, and the gameplay is exciting.

What makes Resident Evil 6 really stand out are the four feature plays, each based on one of the video game characters and their strengths:

  • Ada’s Mission – a 4-level monster hunt bonus game that awards prizes and multipliers.
  • Chris’ Mission – 6 free spins with Chris rappelling down screen to trigger expanding Wilds.
  • Jake’s Mission – 6 free spins with up to 5 Ustanak Random Wilds.
  • Leon’s Mission – 6 free spins with Jake shooting a random zombie to trigger up to 5 sticky Wilds.

An amazing game with amazing graphics, a soundtrack that echoes the creepiness and foreboding of the video game, cool video clips, awesome features, and an all-round epic slots gaming experience.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior – NetEnt

Just as were despairing our fate, this legend popped up. Any 90’s arcade gamer worth their salt (or their credit token) will know this iconic fighting game. It’s style and 8-bit graphics are embedded in gaming culture and NetEnt have taken this and created a slots game that is, quite honestly, incredible.

It’s not just that they’ve taken the graphics and stuck some reels over them. They’ve taken the heart of Street Fighter II and transplanted it into a whole new online gambling world.

And it’s eminently playable for us South African online gamblers, who will be thrilled to recognise not just the style but their favourite characters too.

Because Street Fighter II has managed to marry online slots with classic arcade play mechanics. You get to choose from all of your favourite characters: Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ryu, Guile, Zangief, Chun Li, Blanka, and Ken are all ‘playable’ characters. And whichever one you choose as your champion affects your volatility. Dhalsim and E. Honda give you more wins, Blanka and Ken bring you better wins, with the others falling between them.

That’s what really stands out here, your gamification. Your character faces off against an opponent with your wins and wilds affecting your health bar or your opponent’s health bar. Beat your opponent and you go into an instantly recognisable 4-level Boss Fight round bonus game. Lose to your opponent and you will be beating the heck out of a car in the (just as recognisable from the original game) Car Smash bonus game.

There’s even an Insert Coin gamble feature if you lose the Boss Fight!

It is an absolutely amazing trip down memory lane with enough extras and bonus games to keep you playing for ages! Why this game is not featured on every must play list is beyond us.

Oh, the game basics: 5×5 reels, cluster pays, 96.06% RTP, bonus games, wilds, free spins.

And a most excellent time to be had by all!

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