Casino etiquette

While the CasinoPlay crew are dedicated online casino players, there are times when we decide to give the old-school land-based casinos a visit. And we’re often reminded of just why we tend to prefer playing from home – people can be real tiring sometimes.

Apart from the fact that treating others with decency should be something we all do as a habit, when you’re in a high-pressure environment where money is involved people should try to get the basics right.

While online casinos don’t have many rules of etiquette (apart from maybe put some clothes on but that’s not because of online gambling in specific it’s really just a general tip for any time you go online – imagine you forget and switch to a Zoom meeting!), land-based casinos are a different story.

These are some basic rules of etiquette to make your visit to a land-based casino more comfortable for you and for other players.

Do dress properly

Some casinos are a bit more relaxed than others but that is no excuse to hit the slots or tables wearing your 1980s rugby shorts, a vest and Crocs. Be professional and you’ll be treated like a professional.

Even within a casino you will find certain areas wear a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and jeans are not acceptable – but that advice is only for the proper whales with their tuxedos and diamond-encrusted stiletto heels.

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Hollywood Bets



Do understand the rules

The gaming rules we mean. No-one wants a player asking the dealer or other players what to do. Research the rules of your chosen game before you sit down to play. Watch the game for a while to see how the other players are playing and whether there are any unusual side bets or rules.

Do check the min and max bet before you sit down

Check the minimum and maximum bets before you put your cash on the table to avoid embarrassment. Choosing a R50 minimum table and then cashing R20 for chips is going to make you look silly.

Do learn the hand signals

There are specific hand signals that are used at table games to indicate to the dealer what your next move is. Know them.

In general:

When cards are dealt face up (blackjack, for example)

  • Hit (take another card): Tap the table
  • Stand (no more cards): Wave your hand, palm open and facing down, parallel to the table
  • Double/split: Put your matching bet next to (not on top of) your original bet. If you’re doubling, hold up one finger. If you’re splitting, hold up two fingers.

When cards are dealt face down (poker, for example)

  • Keep the cards in contact with the table at all times. Don’t pick them up, rather cup your hands around them and lift the corners to see what you’ve got
  • NEVER pick up the cards and toss them on the table

Do listen to the dealer

The dealers know what is happening in the game at all times so pay attention when they talk. In game like roulette, listen when the dealer calls ‘no more bets’– it means NO MORE BETS!

Do make cashing out easier

Stack your chips neatly by value so the cashier can get you processed as quickly and easily as possible.

Do tip the dealer

Show your appreciation for the work and professional attitude of your dealer by leaving a few chips as a gratuity. It is completely up to you how much you leave but every tip makes the dealer’s day.

Don’t drink too much

Not only does it make the playing experience awful for other players, it also makes you make mistakes and lose money.

Don’t take selfies

Or any other photos of the gaming floor. Casinos do not allow photography within the gambling area for security and safety reasons.

Don’t sit on your mobile

If you want to play online, go online from home. And talking on your phone will be distracting for other players leading to annoyance at the table or slot machines.

Don’t be a drama queen

Screaming and shouting, whether it’s because you’re winning or losing, is unnecessary. Unless you hit a multi-million Rand jackpot – then let ‘er rip!!

Keep your cool and respect the dealer and other players.

The biggest casino rules around the world

No matter whether you’re gambling at Monte Carlo or Mmabatho, the most important rule is to have fun and gamble responsibly!

The CasinoPlay crew hope you have a fun and profitable visit to your next casino – online or land-based.

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