Best progressive slots 2021

Progressive slots jackpots. The one we all want to win. The life-changing, Scrooge-McDuck swimming in money levels of wealth. The riches that we actually find hard to picture no matter how much we dream about it.

But there are a few obstacles in our way not least of all actually getting to play for those jackpots.

What’s stopping us playing those progressive slots and jackpots?

The first obstacle is that a lot of online players don’t realise how online casinos work. This is not about avoiding paying you out – this is about localising games.

The biggest online slots progressive jackpot ever won was a ridiculous €17,879,645.12! At the current (Feb 2021) exchange rate of €1 = R17,59, 17,879,645.12 multiplied by 17,59, carry the ten, we’re looking at THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN MILLION AND LOTS OF CHANGE RANDS!

That’s a LOT of Randelas.


If you look carefully at the online casino you’re currently partnering with, you may notice that you never see that sort of total anywhere. Why?


If an international jackpot is sitting at €1,000,000 you don’t see it as R17,590,000 here, you see it as R1,000,000.  The jackpot is a million – in dollars, euros, Rands or whatever the local currency is.

The second issue is one that really irks the CasinoPlay crew: exclusions. The biggest progressive online jackpot in the world (and the one that is so often in the news for being won) is Mega Moolah. Unfortunately for South Africans, Mega Moolah is a Microgaming property and Microgaming have excluded a lot of their games from being played by South African markets. Including Mega Moolah.

Are there any progressive jackpot online slots South Africans can play??

The good news is that we can still play some excellent progressive slots games at our favourite online casinos. PlayLive Casino, Europa Casino,, Fun Casino, they all have progressive slots linked to international developers that offer sweet, sweet progressive jackpots that are still very lucrative even if they’re not the legendary Mega Moolah.

The best progressive jackpots slots for South African players

The CasinoPlay crew took a look through all the progressive slots we have reviewed and/or played and we recommend the following games. Some are big jackpots, others are just really fun to play, but either way: give them a spin and may Lady Luck smile your way.

Note: we have rounded down the jackpot total to a round number because these jackpots are continually going up until they are won (see more about progressive jackpots here).

best progressive slots 2021

Gladiator Jackpot – R7,000,000+

Gladiator Jackpot is a Playtech progressive online slots game based on the movie Gladiator (the one with Russell Crowe – you know it, ““My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next” – sorry, fan moment).

Anyway – Gladiator Jackpot is a 5-reel slot with 25 pay lines, multipliers, free spins, bonus games, scatters and wilds. And a pretty sweet jackpot for South African players.

And it looks like there may be more than one version of the game so you can try out different Gladiator flavours all with the same jackpot.

best progressive slots 2021

Age of the Gods – R3,000,000+

One of the most well-known progressive slots franchises for South African players, Age of the Gods from Playtech is a series of 5-reel, 20 pay line progressive slots games. And there really are a series: over 20 different themed slots versions as well as roulette versions and more.

No matter which one appeals to you, they all offer the progressive jackpot prize and, for South African players, it consistently ranks as one of the biggest jackpots out there.

Wilds, scatters and free spins abound and the graphics are top quality.

best progressive slots 2021

Jackpot Giant – R91,000,000+

Playtech are dominating the progressive slots list with another entry, this time the surprising fun and engaging Jackpot Giant progressive online slot.

A little less fancy than the previous entries, Jackpot Giant is not only smooth, easy and really, really fun – it currently features one of (if not THE) biggest jackpots for South Africa online slots players: over R90 million.

Lots of wilds and scatters and an amusing bonus feature make this 5-reel, 50 pay line online slot game a good pick for any player.

best progressive slots 2021

Thor’s Vengeance – R230,000+

Thor’s Vengeance from Red Tiger is a case in point when we talk about progressive online slots being great fun even without the big jackpots.

Thor’s Vengeance is one of those modern games that takes gaming tech to the limit with over 2,000 possible winning combos and incredible graphics and sound.

The bonus features on this game need to be seen! And there are tons of other features that will keep you playing: multipliers, cascading reels, free spins, wilds – more add ons, surprises and thrills than you can shake Thor’s hammer at.

Definitely one of our faves even if the jackpot is quite a bit lower than the multi-million ones.

best progressive slots 2021

Aztec’s Millions – jackpot unknown

Aztec’s Millions from Realtime Gaming is another hugely popular online progressive slot, along with another RTG slot Cleopatra’s Gold. We couldn’t find the actual jackpot amount before sending of this list but it generally sits around the R10,000,000+ level so if you’re looking for that big win maybe give ese ones a try.

Both games offer 5 reels with Aztec’s having 25 pay lines and Cleopatra’s having 20. The games are a little dated (they have been around for a while) but the free spins, scatters and wilds will still keep you hitting that spin button.

And, of course, there’s that juicy jackpot.

best progressive slots 2021

Kingdoms Rise – R7,000,000+

And we close out with another Playtech offering, this time the series called Kingdoms Rise. There are, once again, a bunch of different titles that make up this series but they all link to the same big jackpot.

Kingdoms Rise fast rising through the best slots ranks in no small part due to its incredible attention to detail, fantastic graphics and story-style gameplay (each game is almost like a new chapter in a story).

Innovative and thrilling, this 5-reel, 20 payline progressive jackpot slot series is packed with scatters, wilds and free spins sure to get a rise out of any player.

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