What Are Online Casino Withdrawal Limits?

CasinoPlay are dedicated to bringing our fans all the latest news and in-depth analysis of everything that makes online gambling for South African players so exciting and enticing.

Part of our mission is to find those casinos that offer secure, safe, and superb experiences. Our CasinoPlay crew spend days scouring the online casino world and looking for those partners who offer only the best gameplay that also allows us to play in ZAR. A sure sign that they welcome gamblers from South Africa.

One of the biggest facets of our review process is looking for comments and complaints online, seeing what other players are saying about casinos, testing the waters without risking a bite from a shark in a way.

By far the most common complaint – one that can be found across every online casino – is around problems with withdrawals: specifically, withdrawal limits and withdrawals being denied.

And it turns out that these complaints really have no basis in reality. The denial of withdrawal is most often related to players not reading and understanding wagering requirements, which is something that is easily remedied if you just READ AND UNDERTAND THE WAGERING REQUIREMENTS. It really is that simple. It’s an inherent part of the online gambling world and, if you fall foul of these Ts & Cs, the only person you can possibly blame is yourself. Read about Wagering requirements here.

The other big bugbear revolves around withdrawal limits. These can be confusing and frustrating so we will try to explain and unpack just what, where, and why these are in place.

withdrawal limits

What are online casino withdrawals?

Any online gambler who plays with real money will have an online casino account. This account is where you deposit real money from your bank account into the casino so you can play and bet on the available games.

If you’re lucky and you win some Randelas, these are also deposited into your online casino account.

Most players will keep these funds in the online casino account so that they can continue playing, but some players (especially players who have won big) want this money in their sweaty hands so they can go and blow it on something special.

And this is where there are frequent problems because they are ‘suddenly’ confronted with a withdrawal limit.

What is an online casino withdrawal limit?

A withdrawal limit is just what it sounds like: a limit on how much you can take out of your online casino account and convert into real money in your real bank account. It’s the same as the daily withdrawal or transfer limits on your regular bank account.

An example: you have R20,000 in your casino account. You have a withdrawal limit of R5,000. This means you can only withdraw R5,000.

Withdrawal limits can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Or all three.

Online casinos will post their withdrawal limits prominently on the banking pages so, just like the wagering requirements issues, you really need to read and understand these if you don’t want to be frustrated later on.

Why do online casinos have withdrawal limits?

At a top line level, it’s to ensure financial stability. Much like your local bank, too many people withdrawing big amounts will put a strain on the cash reserves of the casino and could lead to financial problems. By having a daily, weekly, or monthly withdrawal limit, the casino ensures that it can manage the input and output of money and keep their operation liquid and have all their players able to access cash when needed.

The other big reason behind withdrawal limits is the international move to eliminate money laundering by criminal syndicates. Having an unlimited withdrawal policy will, unfortunately, also open online casinos to criminal groups who can use them as an easy ATM for moving money around the world.

Understanding online casino withdrawals

As mentioned, you can find the withdrawal terms on the online casino banking page. If you are struggling, look for any FAQs or just search for ‘withdrawals’.

The page will tell you exactly what you can expect (or should if you’re playing at a licensed and legit online casino) and the terms are usually quite straightforward, but these are the things you will most likely see:

  • Amount

This shows the minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw. A minimum amount just makes sure there are no frivolous transactions. A withdrawal of R5,00 will cost the casino and the player more than R5,00 in banking charges so they want to stop that happening. The maximum amount changes from casino to casino – and even player to player.

  • Time

This sets a time limit on your withdrawals. You may only be able to withdraw once or twice a week or once a month, for example.

  • Amount and time

This sets the limit according to both how much you can withdraw and when you can withdraw.

How do you get around online casino withdrawal limits?

You don’t. They are a legal requirement and can affect the online casino license if they do not adhere to the rules.

The best thing to do would be to look for an online casino with withdrawal limits that will sort your style of online gambling.

Can you increase the online casino withdrawal limit?

Great news! Yes, you can!

Online casinos, just like land-based casinos, can offer big incentives to high rollers and whales to get them to play at their casino more often. One of these incentives is offering them tailored withdrawal limits for larger amounts.

For us ordinary mortals though, there is still a way to get that limit upped: get into the VIP loyalty programme. Play often. Play responsibly.

The online casino will reward you with points and exclusive offers – and one of these, especially for regular and respected players, is the option of getting your withdrawal limit adapted to suit your play style.

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