The biggest casino slots wins online

You might not hear the ringing bells and sirens, see the flashing lights or experience the mixed joy, amazement and jealousy you get when a player hits a jackpot at a land-based casino, but there are still online slot wins that will get your head spinning.

In fact, some of the biggest slot wins in history have come from online casinos and been won by online players. Our list features some of those big wins. On a side note: we are not ranking them, just listing them by the size of the win. The value of the win in today’s exchange rates means that a smaller win in 2011 for example would be worth a lot more today but that really is splitting hairs so we are just going with the original number!

While the CasinoPlay crew are always in it for the fun, we have to admit that the thought of hitting a progressive slots jackpot often has us staring blankly out the window as we dream about all the things we could do with:

biggest casino slots wins
biggest casino slots wins
biggest casino slots wins
biggest casino slots wins online

The biggest online slots wins

€4,200,000 – Empire Fortune – 2020

This Yggdrasil game is fast growing in popularity – not least because of wins like this one. Unfortunately, we do not have any details of the winner who preferred to remain anonymous.

AUS$10,423,333 – The Dark Knight – 2016

While the rest of our entries are all in Euros, the math required to convert Aussie Dollars to Euros at the 2016 rate actually caused a CasinoPlay crew member to have a lie down at home. This anonymous player from Down Under hot the jackpot playing The Dark Knight – a now discontinued Microgaming slot.

€7,784,425.63 – Mega Moolah – 2020

An unknow player hit the winning reels while playing the Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah at an online casino. It was the first (but not the last) big Mega Moolah win for 2020.

€7,900,000 – Mega Moolah – 2016

All that is known about this winner are that she is female, her initials are D.P. and she was playing on an iPad for the first really big mobile casino win.

€8,577,204 – Mega Moolah – 2015

Alexander. From Sweden. Played on mobile. That’s all we know. Just because the screen is smaller doesn’t mean the payout is too! This is the record-holder for wins at a mobile casino and just beat our previous entry.

€10,735,716.84 – Mega Moolah – 2020

Mega Moolah is at it again with a multi-million jackpot win. This win was claimed in Canadian Dollars so we can assume the winner was from the frozen North.

€11,736,375 – Mega Fortune – 2011

2011 was a great year for an unnamed Norwegian player when he hit the big bucks and over 10 million Euros. Apparently he couldn’t sleep so decided to do some online betting. We bet he sleeps just fine now!

€14,679,886.17 – Mega Moolah – 2020

Another BIG 2020 win, and another BIG Mega Moolah win. This was the year’s largest confirmed jackpot and went to an unnamed player in Sweden.

€17,861,800 – Mega Fortune – 2013

You never know when luck will strike. An unnamed Finnish man hit this jackpot with a 25c bet.

€17,879,645.12 – Mega Moolah – 2013

A truly staggering amount of money no matter what currency or year! This record-breaker, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, was hit by Brit J. Heywood in 2013 – only 25 minutes after opening his Betway account! Talk about luck.

What have we learned about big online slots wins?

We don’t know about you but the CasinoPlay crew are seeing some interesting trends here:

  • Mega Moolah is called the “Millionaire Maker’ for a reason,
  • The colder the region, the bigger the win (not really but there are a lot of Swedish, Norwegian and Canadian winners at online casinos – coincidence?)
  • 2020 was not a rubbish year for everybody – FOUR of the biggest wins are 2020 wins.
  • We think it may be slots time so catch you later!

Remember, play responsibly. The reason these winners make the news is because LADY LUCK has smiled on them.

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