Mobile Slots

Ever wonder what people are doing on their mobiles? Are they Facebooking, reading an engrossing novel, rolling their eyes at their suburb’s WhatsApp group? If you’re a dedicated online slot player, it won’t surprise you to hear that many of them might very well be playing your favourite video slot.

What are mobile slots?

Mobile slots are the natural evolution of everyone’s favourite online casino game, video slots. Since the invention of the first slot-style machine nearly 150 years ago, great designers have worked to bring ever-more exciting games to brick and mortar casinos and online casinos alike. Thanks to the mobile revolution, however, video slots have seen a boom in popularity like never before.

With just about anyone over age 18 carrying an internet-capable phone these days, the audience for online slot games is vast. People also use their mobile devices considerably more for leisure than they use their laptops, so making mobile-compatible slot games was pretty much a no-brainer.

Today, if you sign up for almost any online casino, you will find the games have all been designed with mobile users in mind. Some casinos even offer a downloadable app to support their platform, making the user experience smooth and seamless. You can move from your desktop to tablet to mobile with one simple login and keep enjoying your games on the go.

How to play video slots

Game play for mobile slots is exactly the same as for the desktop versions of the games. Most slots are as simple as selecting your bet amount and clicking to spin or setting auto-spin. Some games may ask you to choose between variables for bonus features and free spins, but for the most part, video and mobile slots are dead easy to play

mobile slots

How it works

Online slots, including mobile slots, are built on a random number generator (RNG), which continuously generates random number sequences. When you click spin, the number generated by the RNG in that instant is assigned to your spin.

Based on each game’s unique design, certain numbers and combinations of numbers are assigned to certain symbols. If those symbols happen to correspond to a winning payline, then you win. As a result of this design, it is almost impossible to cheat at video slots and, thanks to impressive security levels, nigh on impossible to hack.

Versions of mobile slots

Online slots come in standard and progressive jackpot formats. Sometimes, a game may be offered as both versions. Standard jackpot mobile slots have fixed payouts based on combinations of symbols, and a fixed maximum payout. Progressive jackpot mobile slots also have fixed payouts based on symbol combinations, but they are network linked so that all players contribute towards an ever-increasing jackpot. Any player could win this jackpot at any time.

Theme and design variations are practically endless. Whatever you’re a fan of, there’s bound to be a video slot that’ll catch your eye. Whether you enjoy fairy tales or fast-paced action, heroes or heists, damsels or Dalmatians, there’s something out there for everyone.


mobile slots
mobile slots
mobile slots

How to win at mobile slots

With RNG-based games, there is no way to influence the game play. Each spin is completely random, and players are cautioned not to fall for the gambler’s fallacy that, just because you’ve lost several times, you must be due a win. To maximise play time and minimise the impact on your bankroll, it’s best to plan your betting strategy and stick with it. Games with high volatility may call for a somewhat more aggressive play style, while low variance and volatility games call for smaller bets and longer play.

Who should play mobile slots?

Anyone who enjoys any online video slots will love the ease and convenience of being able to play it on mobile. It’s more fun than checking in on your quarantined Facebook friends, more stimulating than yet another people-are-awesome video, and it’s easy to set a time limit and budget to ensure you don’t get too carried away by this great way of playing slots online.

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