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There’s no genius without the right mindset, and that’s certainly true for the brains behind Genii.


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There’s no genius without the right mindset, and that’s certainly true for the brains behind Genii. When it comes to their games design, the company prides itself on applying “intellect, creative genius and visual opulence” to provide a gaming experience that players won’t soon forget.

Genii was founded on the idea that change happens continuously, and the gaming industry must evolve to thrive. That’s why Genii always aims to produce ground-breaking and innovative products. The secret to their success? Having an “opportunity mindset”.

Genii stands out for their game design. Each game is entirely individual, with its own set of characteristics. This is because Genii believes in using a broad talent pool, and using designers that can create truly personal and unique games. Genii games are one of the few places you will find Spin16 technology in action, giving you, the player, more control over the direction of spin.

Slots, slots and more slots! Genii is all about great, creative, innovative and engaging slots games. Some of the more popular games you might come across are:

  • Hercules The 12 Labours
  • 7 Chakras
  • The Prize is Right
  • Cricket Fever
  • Sands of Space
  • Sirens’ Serenade
  • Show me the Honey
  • Big Foot
  • Throne of Gold


Genii’s games are fully omnichannel, working across all platforms and devices, including desktop and mobile, Android and iOS.

Online casinos

You can find Genii games at South African online casinos.

Free play

You can try out any of Genii’s games for free on their website, as well as at the online casinos that host them. Their website also gives you the game story, features and information.

Genii’s Spin16 technology is a testament to their commitment to innovation. Instead of just clicking on a single spin button as usual, this takes slots fun to the next level – capitalising on the swipe function of a touch screen – by allowing you to spin any reel in any direction.

With multiplier bonuses on payline wins that match the house selection, the multi-directional spin can drastically change the results of the round, increasing your win potential.

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