Teen Patti Evolution Gaming

Teen Patti Evolution Gaming

The simple deck of playing cards: 52 cards in four suits, each numbered from ace to ten, with a trio of royals to cap them. Playing cards are nothing special in themselves; it’s what imagination does with them that makes them, alongside six-sided dice, one of the pillars of games of chance. From solitaire to baccarat, the games we play with cards can vary wildly in complexity – and yet, when it comes to the three-card draw, there’s something that brings players back again and again.

Teen Patti, BFF to three-card poker, is one such game that players come back to again and again – it’s a combination of luck and skill, nerves of steel and surrender to fate. And it’s live, now, through Evolution Gaming.

Teen Patti is a card-based game that strongly resembles three-card poker, and that has quickly grown in popularity worldwide in recent years. While the game play is comfortably familiar, the setup, scene and design of the game is delightfully fresh and new. Teen Patti originated in India and, as a result, this live dealer version of the game brings India right to your device. With opulent design that incorporates classic Indian elements and presenters who speak Hindi, Evolution’s Teen Patti will immerse you in its world.

Game composition

Teen Patti comprises one 52-card deck of standard playing cards that are shuffled at the beginning of each round. The play table gives both the player and the dealer three card spaces. Jokers are excluded from play in Teen Patti.

There are three types of bet you can play: the normal play bet and two side bets, which are the 6 card bonus bet, and the pairs plus side bet.


Players begin each round by placing their ante bets, which can be between R0.50 and R500. You can also place side bets at this stage. Next, the player and dealer receive three cards each. Player cards are dealt face up, dealer cards face down.

The player then decides whether to play their hand or fold. If they fold, they lose their ante; if they play, they place a play bet of the same value as the ante.

The dealer then reveals their cards to resolve the main bet as well as any side bets. The main hand is resolved by comparing the player’s and dealer’s hands to identify whose hand is better, thereby determining the winner.

The main hand

Teen Patti dealers have to play queen high. In other words, when they reveal their cards, at least one card must be a queen or higher, or else their hand doesn’t qualify. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify, the player’s play bet is returned, and the ante bet is paid out at 1x.

If the dealer’s hand includes a queen or better, their hand qualifies, and the player’s and dealer’s hands are compared, with the higher-ranking hand winning. If the dealer holds the winning hand, the player loses both their ante and play bets; if the player holds it, the ante and play bets are paid out at 1x.


Players can win up to three bonuses, regardless of the outcome of the main hand. Two of these bonuses do require players to place side bets.

Straights Ante Bonus

Whether you win or lose the main hand, if you, the player, are holding a straight, you will receive an ante bonus of 1x.

Pairs Plus side bet

Players can place a Pairs Plus side bet when placing their ante bet. Regardless of the outcome of the main hand, if your hand includes a pair or better, you can receive a potential payout of up to 100x.

6-Card Bonus side bet

This side bet combines the player’s and the dealer’s hands and pays out for any poker hand of three-of-a-kind or better. The payouts can be up to 1000x, depending on the final hand.

Placing bets

Teen Patti bets consist of four parts – the ante bet, the play bet, and two side bets. The ante and play bets are the same value, and both must be played to complete the main hand. The side bets are optional and their results are calculated after the main hand is resolved. Ante and side bets are all placed before the cards are drawn. If you decide to fold once the cards are drawn, you will lose your ante bet, but the side bets will remain in play until the next round’s main hand is completed.

Hold or fold?

The primary decision you will need to make in this game, besides what bets to place, is whether to play the hand, or fold. Since the goal is to beat the dealer’s unrevealed hand, and considering that the dealer’s hand has to be queen high or better, you can apply the Q64 formula.

Statistically speaking, the best minimum value hand in Teen Patti comprises queen, six and four. Therefore, if you have a hand that includes a queen or higher, a six or higher, and a four or higher, it is statistically more likely to win, and therefore is a good hand to play.

That doesn’t mean you have to fold a lower-value hand; just consider that these will require the dealer to not qualify in order for you to win.

Main hand

  • Dealer fails to qualify: play bet is returned to player, ante paid out at 1x
  • Player hand wins: ante and play bets paid out 1x
  • Ante bonus: paid out if winning player hand is a straight or better

Side bets



Pairs Plus (player hand includes pairs or better)







Three of a kind


Straight flush


Royal flush


6-Card Bonus (all six cards in play)

Three of a kind






Full house


Four of a kind


Straight flush


Royal flush


This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.

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