Super Andar Bahar Evolution Gaming

Super Andar Bahar Evolution Gaming

Although its precise origins are lost to time and history, one thing is certain: Andar Bahar, one of India’s most popular card games, has all the thrill, delight, and devotion to Lady Luck that belongs to all the best casino games. With this version of the classic Indian card game, Evolution Gaming opens the board to different ways to play, making Super Andar Bahar even more exciting.

Super Andar Bahar from Evolution Gaming is a levelled-up version of Andar Bahar, a centuries-old card-based table game that originated in India; and it has taken the online gambling world by storm. Featuring a live dealer, multipliers up to 4000x and a small, but important, deviation from standard play, Super Andar Bahar is a must-try.

Game composition

Super Andar Bahar consists of a standard-layout table and one deck of 52 standard playing cards. The table is divided down the middle, with one side representing Andar, and the other Bahar. On screen, you will see both the table and a digital layout, which includes a row for side bets below the Andar/Bahar split. During play, each card drawn is visible on the table and shown digitally. Next to the digital layout, there is a tally board that counts each round’s win against Andar or Bahar, and displays the last 50 games’ results.

Side bets are divided into groups of five, from 1 to 49, with only four in the last group. These side bets are ranges you can bet on, representing how many cards will be drawn before either Andar or Bahar wins.


To play Super Andar Bahar, players first place bets on either the main hand, side bets, or both. Regular players of Andar Bahar may be about to point out that you can’t usually bet on just side bets, but in this version you can – it’s one of the distinguishing features of Super Andar Bahar.

Next, the dealer draws one card from the top of the freshly shuffled deck. This card serves as the ‘joker’, and the game ends when a card of matching value is drawn during the next phase. The dealer now deals from the top of the deck, alternately laying them down on the Andar and Bahar sides of the table. Once a card that matches the ‘joker’ is drawn, the corresponding side of the table wins.


There are two main features in Super Andar Bahar, and both of them apply to the side bets. Firstly, as mentioned above, you can wager on side bets without placing a bet on the main hand in this version of the game. In standard Andar Bahar, you must bet on the main hand, while side bets are optional. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like the most innovative feature, but it’s actually critical to making the next feature Super.

After betting is done, the game applies random multipliers across the various side bet options, and can result in payouts between 9:1 and 3999:1. Between these two features, it means you can play just the side bets and stand a chance to win really big, without ever playing the main hand.


Between one and five multipliers are randomly applied to ranges on the side bets. These multipliers can combine with each range’s individual payout, listed below, to give between 9x and 4000x your original bet.

Placing bets

Main hand

For main hand bets, you bet whether the winning card will land on the Andar or Bahar side. It’s worth noting that, because dealing always starts on the Andar side, it is statistically more likely to win more often. As a result, the payout for Bahar is 1:1, while Andar is only 0.9:1.

Side bets

Here, you place bets on ranges that represent the number of cards that will be drawn before a joker match is found. In other words, if it takes 12 cards, the winning range will be 11-15, or if it takes 3 cards, the range will be 1-5. The final range consists of only 4 cards, with the range being 46-49. As there are guaranteed to be 3 cards that could potentially match, it is impossible to play past 49 cards without a match.

Strategies and tips

It’s entirely up to you whether or not to bet on the main hand. Because it isn’t compulsory in this version of the game, you have a choice. This will really depend on what you want from the playing experience, and whether you want to play it like straight Andar Bahar, betting on both. The real draw of Super Andar Bahar is the potential for multipliers on the side bets, and these are where the real excitement lies.

There are guaranteed to be three matches in each deck, and they can be anywhere in the deck. Because it is extremely unlikely that they’re all huddled together right at the bottom of the deck, the probability of hitting a match is higher the lower you go. As a result, the payouts per range increase as you go higher. This all means that spreading your bets can help maximise your chances for big wins. By choosing a range in the lower third, and in the higher third, and one in the final four ranges, you can better balance your risk/reward.

Main hand

Andar – 0.9:1

Bahar – 1:1

Side bets
























10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 100, 200, 500, 4000

This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.

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