Peek Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Peek Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Looking for a unique and exciting online casino experience? Look no further than Peek Baccarat by Evolution Gaming! This revolutionary version of Baccarat takes the classic game to the next level, allowing players to ‘peek’ at up to four cards before the game even begins. With the added bonus of being able to adjust bets in the middle of a round, Peek Baccarat is the perfect way to experience the thrill of gambling without the risk. Get ready for a wild ride with Peek Baccarat by Evolution Gaming!

Peek Baccarat is the latest addition to Evolution’s live dealer collection, which includes a variety of other experimental Baccarat versions, the most successful of which was Golden Wealth. Peek Baccarat stands out from the rest with its unique peek feature, allowing players to see one to four cards before finalising their bet.

Game composition

Peek Baccarat features a stunning gold and green environment, as well as a unique expanding betting grid for adjusting bets mid-game. The peek feature is the highlight of the game, giving players the opportunity to double or triple their bet depending on the revealed cards. The game is based on standard 8-deck baccarat, where the hand closest to a total of nine is the winner.


Peek Baccarat offers a unique spin on the classic baccarat game. Players can place a bet on either player or banker and then have the opportunity to peek at up to four cards, adjusting their bet accordingly. The peek feature gives players the chance to increase their potential payout, adding to the excitement of the game. Peek Baccarat also features a 20% fee, making it perfect for those who want to be more strategic with their gambling.


Peek Baccarat’s primary features and bonuses are the peek feature and the side bets. The dealer will turn the peek cards, giving players a chance to increase their bet at the cost of an additional 20% fee. The game also has two side bets that reward players with higher payouts if they hit the side bet. The game follows standard baccarat rules, but with the added bonus of the peek feature, giving players the chance to increase their potential payout.

Placing bets

To place bets in Peek Baccarat, simply select either the player or banker option and adjust your bet size. When the peek cards are revealed, you’ll have the option to double or triple your bet at the cost of an additional 20% fee. There are also two side bets available: Player pair and banker pair. To place these bets, simply select the option and adjust your bet size. If you hit the side bet, you’ll receive a bonus payout.

Strategies and tips

The best strategy for playing Peek Baccarat is to bet on the banker most of the time, as the odds of the banker winning are higher than the Player. Use the peek feature to your advantage, as it allows you to double or triple your bet if the revealed cards are beneficial for your hand. Additionally, doubling or tripling your bet often during the game is a great way to keep the 20% commission on peek bets and maximise your potential payout.







Player/banker pair



This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.

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