Gold Bar Roulette Evolution Gaming

Gold Bar Roulette Evolution Gaming

If you ever wanted to feel like Scrooge McDuck diving into his vault of gold, you’re definitely going to want to check out this live dealer roulette game from Evolution! Immerse yourself eyeball-deep in gold, sling gold bars around like they’re casino chips, and see just how big you can win when everything is coming up golden.

Just when we thought every possible permutation of roulette had been invented, examined and disrupted, Evolution Gaming decided to prove us all wrong with this positively presidential (eish!) looking game. In these bling-infested waters, you will have the chance not only to win with a classic roulette wheel but to pick multipliers to be applied to straight-number bets. What’s more, you get to make those decisions by hitting the table with all the gold bars you can accumulate.

Game composition

Gold Bar Roulette, for all its glamour and glitter, is a pretty straightforward roulette game at heart. The live dealer set takes the form of a gold-lined vault, with a light-emitting golden roulette wheel at the centre of play. The wheel, European style, contains the standard roulette numbers, with one 0. The vault includes four gold bar lockers, one of which is opened at the end of betting each round. These lockers can contain between 1 and 20 gold bars for players to win, gold bars that can be used to increase multipliers on straight-up bets.


The major diversion from the original game is how multipliers are applied – you can place chip-based bets on all the usual groupings. Payouts differ from regular roulette, however – check the breakdown of multipliers in the payouts section below. Gold bars, which can be won during any round, can be used to increase the multipliers on straight-up bets at the start of each round.


While the game’s features may be small in number, they absolutely make up for it in their potential to create huge wins. The primary feature of Gold Bar Roulette, unsurprisingly, is the gold bar multiplier. Players can win between one and twenty gold bars each round; however, gold bars can only be won on straight-up bets. Gold bars each carry a multiplier value of 88x and are given the same financial value as the bet made to win them.


This game is focused on one type of bonus: the gold bar multiplier. This absolutely is both a feature and a bonus, as you have total control of how and when to use it, and it can result in really incredible wins.

Placing your initial bet in Gold Bar Roulette is pretty much exactly like placing a bet in any other roulette game. You can choose what type of bet to place, including straight-up numbers, splits, streets, corners, lines, columns, colours, odds/evens, and the low and high 18s. Take note, however, that only straights can win gold bars, so it’s usually best to place several straight-number bets during the first round. Once you have accumulated gold bars, you can use them to augment your straight-number bets and increase their multipliers.

You can place two kinds of bets: chip and gold bar. Chip bets work just like any regular roulette bet: by placing one or more chips of your chosen value on a number, group of numbers or colour. Successful bets receive their relevant payout and, in the case of winning straights, they also receive the applicable number of gold bars.

Gold bar bets can only be placed on straight-up numbers. Each gold bar has the same monetary value as the bet that was placed to win it, as well as a multiplier of 88x. You can stack gold bars on individual numbers, thereby increasing your potential multiplier.

Choosing your bets

As we have mentioned, only straight-up bets can win gold bars. However, this particular version of roulette has a little twist: all bets are automatically converted to straights. In other words, if you bet a chip on black, for example, the value of that chip will be split among all black numbers. That said, the game still takes your type of bet into account to calculate the payouts, which appear below.

You can’t use gold bars to bet on groups or lines – they can only be used to place straight-number bets.

Strategies and tips

Gold bars are pretty much the point of the game – winning them and using them to increase your payouts. That means you need to accumulate them in the first place, which means winning with chip-based bets. The odds against winning on a single bet placed on a single number are pretty high, though. That’s why placing multiple bets, at least in your first couple of rounds, may be the best option. For example, you can choose an inside or outside bet which will cover up to 18 numbers. Alternatively, you can place individual bets on several numbers – either way, some will lose and others may win, giving you a better chance of getting your hands on those sweet gold bars.

Bars don’t have to be used immediately. You can accumulate them and store them for up to 180 days when they expire. This means you can alternate between using chips and bars, use the bars to augment bets, or even stash them for an all-weekend gold bar rush once every month or three.

Bear in mind that gold bars are allocated the value of the bet placed to win them. Each bar’s multiplier is 88x, but that applies to whatever value it has. You can’t increase the value of individual gold bars. This means you should consider your chip bets carefully, as their value will affect the value of your bars. Since you don’t pay anything extra when using these bars to place bets, they’re pretty much like free money to use, and you get to decide how much that is in advance.

Gold Bar Roulette payouts differ from regular roulette, with the multipliers for chip-based bets being lower, as shown in the table below:


Inside bets                                                        Outside bets

Straight number














Low 18




High 18



Gold bars all carry a multiplier of 88x.

This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.

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