First Person Baccarat Evolution Gaming

First Person Baccarat Evolution Gaming

Sometimes Evolution really does knock it right out of the park. This time, it’s with their First Person series of games, where players get to not only immerse themselves in the game but control everything about it, in a true-to-life 3D-animated live casino setting.

First Person Baccarat by Evolution Gaming forms part of their fantastic First Person series. In this game, you, the player, have total control over – and can view trends for – six tables at a time. You make all the decisions, from the type of table to shuffling the shoe, and even how to view trends.

Evolution’s First Person games offer a totally unique gaming experience by offering the best of both worlds: the immersive table game experience combined with RNG-controlled outcomes, all topped by total player control.

Game composition

First Person Baccarat takes place in a 3D-animated (and rather fancy) baccarat hall with six tables to play at. These tables can be toggled between standard and no-commission.

The tables themselves are standard baccarat tables with a shoe containing eight shuffled decks of cards. There is a player and banker side, where cards are dealt. Below this is the area where players can place bets, including several additional side bets not always found in online live dealer baccarat games.

Each table is equipped with one shoe containing eight decks or shuffled cards. It is worth noting that this is slightly higher than most versions of the game, which use six decks per shoe.

The major component of the game players interact with constantly is the multi-table view display panel. Here, you can control every aspect of the game, including when to shuffle at how many tables, and playing free hands to build trends.


The game at play is standard baccarat. For a detailed tutorial on how to play baccarat, check out our guide here. One big difference between this version and live dealer baccarat, for example, is the control given to the player. Another is the option to play multiple tables at once, either for an active bet or free plays to build trends.


First of all, you get to choose between commission and no-commission tables. Commission tables take 5% commission on winning banker bets, while no-commission tables pay out 2:1 on winning banker bets where the hand total is 6.

Next, you can decide how many tables to play at any given time. You can play at between one and the full six available tables at once, either placing bets or playing free hands to build trends.

Each table is controlled through your multi-table view display panel. Here, you can view the trends for each table, available in various formats including roads and streaks, shuffle one or all shoes, and deal free hands. The table features several side bets that players can place. These include perfect pair, either pair, player/banker bonus, player/banker pair and, for the no-commission tables, Super 6.

One final feature is the Go Live button, which takes you through to a live dealer version of the game.


First Person Baccarat includes a fantastic surprise bonus in the form of a red envelope. This randomly-occurring bonus feature can add a bonus payout of up to 88x on any or all tie and banker/player pair bets.

Placing bets

As we mentioned, this is regular baccarat, so the first bets you can place are regular baccarat bets, ie, player/banker win, or tie. Here, you are betting on the win/lose outcome of the game, where player and banker are alternately dealt cards with the aim of scoring as close to 9 as possible.

Side bets

  • Player Pair: bet on the player having a pair of cards of matching rank
  • Banker Pair: bet on the banker having a pair of cards of matching rank
  • Either Pair: bet on either the player or banker having a pair of cards of matching rank
  • Perfect Pair: bet on either player or banker having two identical cards in their hand

Player/banker bonus allows you to bet on specific outcomes for either the player or banker.

Super 6 is a unique side bet that is only available on the no-commission tables. By playing Super 6, regardless of any other bets made, a banker win with a total of 6 pays out to the player at 16:1.

Making selections

At the beginning of play, you will need to select which table or tables you will play in each round. As we mentioned, you can also play free hands on any or multiple tables in order to build trends over time, and you can switch between tables to play actively on any or many at once. Just remember, if you shuffle any shoes, those tables’ trends reset.

Strategies and tips

This version of baccarat has a lot to offer different types of players. Beginners can use the multi-table and free-hand options to take their time and really get to know the game at their pace. The experienced player can use it to test their mettle, playing side bets for the thrill and excitement.

However, we do have a few tips for all players:

First, weigh up the pros and cons of side bets. While they may offer fantastic payouts, they also have high house edges and can quickly chip away at your bankroll. These side bets can either provide a fun addition to the game or be a distraction, depending on what you want from the game.

Playing this game like straight baccarat, ignoring the side bets, is totally possible and also a valid strategy. The main focus of this game isn’t the extra bets and bonuses; it is the control it gives you over the game. You have the chance to build trends, taking as much time as you want without spending too much money, and you can just as easily reset it to start over. With a few rounds of strategic playing and free hands, you can get the game to a point where placing a few carefully chosen side bets makes sense and will pay out.

Main bets


Player win




Banker win (commission tables)


Banker win (no-commission tables)

All wins excl 6 total – 1:1

6 total – 1:2

Side bets


Player/banker pair


Either pair


Perfect pair

One PP – 25:1

Two PP same hand – 200:1

Player/banker bonus

Win by points:

●      9 – 30:1

●      8 – 10:1

●      7 – 6:1

●      6 – 4:1

●      5 – 2:1

●      4 – 1:1

Natural 8/9 win – 1:1

Natural tie – push

Super 6


This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.

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