Fan Tan Evolution Gaming

Fan Tan Evolution Gaming

Are you one of those people who enjoys watching videos with the word ‘satisfying’ in the title? Do you get a thrill out of using your spatial recognition skills to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar? Or are you a statistician at heart, who believes the numbers never lie? Well, fans, do we have a game for you! With its OCD-satisfying orderly rows of beads, its array of betting options, and statistics tables that would make bookies cry with their beauty, Evolution’s live dealer Fan Tan has it all.

Evolution Fan Tan is an exciting and visually stunning live casino game released by Evolution Gaming in 2021. The game is based on a classic Chinese gambling game and has a 98.75% RTP. It is easy to learn and understand and is perfect for both novice and experienced players. Players can place a variety of bets, including fan tan (betting on a single number), odd/even, big/small, nim, kwok, and SSH bets. There are also live betting statistics and recent game results available to provide players with more detailed information.

Game composition

Fan Tan is a relatively simple game, with just a few components. First, we have the Tan Ching, or the table on which the game is played. It is unmarked and, in this case, covered in red baize. Next, there are the white ceramic beads, a random number of which will be selected during gameplay. To collect all the beads together, there is a glass dome, and to select the beads that will enter into play, there is the Tan Koi: a selection cup. And, finally, there is the Tan Pong, or bead selection stick.


Betting time starts when the croupier gathers all the white beads using the glass dome and then uses the Tan Koi to select a random number from the pile. These are the beads that will be used in play. Once the betting time ends, the live dealer reveals the beads in the cup, and uses the Tan Pong to gather four beads at a time and separate them into orderly lines. The objective of the game is to guess how many beads will be in the last line, a number from one to four.


The reason that Evolution’s Fan Tan is great for both beginners and experienced players is the two different game views, or betting modes. The default view offers all the basic bets, while the advanced betting grid offers three more advanced types of bets in addition to the basics.

For serious players, or those who enjoy getting into the mathemagic of it all, the game offers three different types of statistics and scoreboards to track performance. The first is a live betting statistics scoreboard, which provides information on the number of players who have placed bets on the main bet spots and the total amount wagered during the current game round. The second is a recent game results scoreboard, which provides details on the outcome of the last 500 rounds. Lastly, the third scoreboard is a detailed statistics scoreboard, which provides information on the type of bets placed and their respective outcomes over a period of up to the last 500 rounds. These scoreboards can help players gain insight into the game and identify patterns in their playing style. With these scoreboards, players can improve their chances of winning and maximise their enjoyment.

Placing bets

There are six types of bets you can place – three basic, and three advanced:


  • Fan bets: Betting on the number of beads in the final line (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Odd/even bets: Betting on either odd (1, 3) or even (2, 4) numbers
  • Big/small bets: Betting on either big (3, 4) or small (1, 2) numbers


  • Nim bets: The Nim betting option is similar to the regular Fan bet but with two numbers. When you hit the first number you will receive a payout of 1.90:1, while the second number will count as a push and your initial bet will be returned.
  • Kwok bets: Similar to the Nim bet, each bet also covers two numbers; however both are counted as wins
  • Sheh-Sam-Hong bets: With SSH bets, you bet on three numbers at once, and win if any one of the numbers is correct

Making selections

Your main choice in this game is whether you want to stick to the simple betting options or play with the advanced view active. We recommend that beginners start with the simple view to get used to the basics of the game. Once you are familiar with it, however, the advanced options give you plenty more chances and ways to win!

Strategies and tips

Statistics are your friend in this game, and many Fan Tan players have used them to great success. Study the statistics boards to see what numbers come up, their frequency, and what types of bets do well.

In terms of betting, while the simple bets may be easy enough to play, and their payouts higher, it’s in the advanced bets where players find the most excitement. Wins can often be much more frequent, albeit smaller, and it can be quite mentally challenging to figure out which types of bets will net you the highest profit.







Nim (winning number)

Nim (push)


Stake returned






This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.