Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming

Have you ever played a game and enjoyed the bonus round so much that you wished it were its own game? You’re not the only one. Evolution Gaming has granted the wish of many a bonus-round enthusiast with Crazy Coin Flip, which first appeared as a bonus game in their popular live dealer game, Crazy Time. Behold the coin-flipping live-dealer game that won’t tire out your thumbs.

Flipping a coin is one of the simplest games known to humanity – it’s a yes or no, win or lose, simple, elegant and efficient. It’s the ultimate build-up of tension, and evolution Gaming has developed a game that stretches that excitement to the max! In this three-round game, you will have three opportunities to challenge the Fates, woo Lady Luck and win big. Progress through the three stages of the game – qualify, multiply, and flip the coin.

Game composition

Crazy Coin Flip combines two of the most well-known and loved aspects of online casinos – slot games and a live dealer. There are three rounds in each game, starting with a qualifying round. During this stage, you play a 5-reel, 3-line slot game with the aim of achieving three scatters. Once this happens, you qualify and move on to the multiplier phase. During this time-limited stage, you have a chance to win multipliers, which help increase your potential win during the third phase – the coin flip. This final round is what it all comes down to. What will your final total win be? That depends on how the coin lands.



The game begins with a pretty standard fruit machine-style slot game, which you play as a regular game until you land three scatters on a spin. To begin, choose a betting amount. Your initial betting amount will be the amount that all multipliers are applied to during the flip phase. Play the slot like a regular slot – you have the potential to win on lines, with payouts being symbol-dependent, just like any other slot. Once you hit three or more scatters in a spin, you qualify to move on to the next round and win multipliers.


When you enter the Multiplier Top-up phase, you will have the opportunity to boost your potential win by placing bets on the multiplier spin. Each spin happens on a 3×3 grid with a series of blue and red multipliers. For each spin, you win the multipliers when you land a row of three same-colour multipliers. These are then added to the red or blue multipliers during the coin flip.


  • This round is not about winning money; it is about increasing your potential win at the end of the whole game.
  • This round is time-limited and live, so you will only have a short time to add multipliers.
  • Each spin for multipliers requires an additional bet, so make sure you’ve budgeted for it.
  • You don’t have to participate. You can wait for time to run out and move on to the next round.

Crazy Coin Flip

Finally, we reach the game’s namesake, the coin flip. The coin in question has two sides – red and blue. Each colour will have a multiplier randomly assigned to it at the start of the round. Any multipliers you accumulated during the previous phase will be displayed next to the relevant colour. You don’t have to do anything during this round, just sit back and await the final outcome.

Whichever side is showing when the coin lands will indicate which multipliers will be applied to your initial bet, along with any scatter multipliers you may have collected during the first round.


The game features a live dealer. However, it is entirely RNG-controlled. The live dealer acts as a host for the multiplier and coin flip rounds. The major feature of the game, and the thing players aim for, is the multiplier round. The earlier you enter the round, the more chances you have to spin and win multipliers – and the more of those you have, the bigger your final win.


This game is all about bonuses. First, you can receive scatter multipliers during the first round slot game; next, the multiplier round gives you all the bonuses you can successfully scoop up; and finally, the coin flip applies a random multiplier between 5x and 100x.

Placing bets

Round 1

While you may strike it lucky and win three scatters on your first round, you’re likely to play the slot game for at least a few rounds before progressing. Each spin of the slot will require a bet, and this bet is what multipliers will be applied to. You can set this round to autoplay.

When placing your bets, you can choose from three different spin modes:

  • Standard: a straightforward spin with no boosts
  • XXXtreme: increases your bet value by 5x and guarantees a minimum of one scatter per spin
  • Super XXXtreme: increases your bet 50x and guarantees a minimum of two scatters per spin

Round 2

During the multiplier round, you place fixed bets on the spin of the wheel – higher bets won’t make a difference to the outcome of this round. Each bet equals one spin, and you can bet as many times as you like before time runs out. This is where you collect as many multipliers as you can, so betting on multiple spins increases your chances.

Round 3

There is no further opportunity to bet in this round. This round is where the game resolves with a single flip of the coin, controlled by the RNG, and where final payouts are determined.

Strategies and tips

You’re likely to place several bets in this game before getting to the final round, so budgeting is absolutely crucial. Set a maximum budget for the whole game, and choose your betting amounts to take into consideration the multiplier top-up round.

The three available spin modes can have a significant effect on your chances at progressing, as well as the final result.

  • Playing in standard mode means that your bet amount remains what you choose, and that you aren’t guaranteed any scatters per spin. You could end up playing several spins before receiving the requisite three scatters to move on to the multiplier top-up phase, but the betting amounts will remain low.
  • XXXtreme mode increases your bet amount by 5x and guarantees you at least one scatter per spin. This naturally increases your chances of landing three scatters during a spin, but also hits your bankroll harder.
  • Super XXXtreme mode guarantees you at least two scatters per spin, which gives you a really good shot at progressing quickly, but the cost per bet increases by 50x, so it is worth balancing the risk and reward carefully.

You’ll need to plan your betting strategy carefully by considering which mode to spin in and how many spins you want to play during the multiplier phase. If you burn through your bankroll too quickly during round 1, you’ll have less available to pile up those multipliers. It’s definitely worth spending a little time deciding on a strategy before getting started and being flexible enough to adjust it as you get more familiar with the game.

There are two types of payout during this game: first, you get potential line-based payouts during the slot game; second, you get the final payout based on accumulated multipliers and the coin flip.

The line payouts for the slot game are:


































This game is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and can be played on all standard operating systems.

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