Take the Bank by Betsoft

Cheque yourself before you wreck yourself with this bank-buster! We’re not here to play around, this is serious business…

take the bank

Cheque yourself before you wreck yourself with this bank-buster! We’re not here to play around, this is serious business… the clock is ticking, crowbars at the ready, let’s go take the bank!

Ocean’s Eleven (or however many are in that crew now – seriously guys, it’s getting a bit big, dontcha think?) has nothing on this heist adventure. This feels like the love child of a modern heist movie and a classic Humphrey Bogart film noir, with just a little Dick Tracey thrown in for fun.

Thanks to a clever little floating bomb design, you can count down the turns until your board is simply jam-packed with wilds, hoping for a clean getaway and mega wins.


Take the Bank really leans into its theme of five-finger discounts on a grand scale, with a diamond as its highest value symbol, followed by gold ingots and three stacks of cash as the next highest paying, and then at the same value, a vault door, a red bomb and a crowbar! Everything an enterprising new bank robber might need to liberate dosh from a financial institution! And just in case they need a heist crew as well, Betsoft has provided them with a list of the usual suspects in descending order of value: A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9.

The scatter is a very large cop car, complete with flashing lights and the word Bonus under the wheels. The wild in this game is a little more complex than most: it technically has three forms; when it lands on the reels the wild starts out as an old-school burglar complete with the iconic black-and-white striped shirt, domino mask and beanie, where it is converted into a ticking time bomb that sticks to the reel and counts down spins, starting at ten.

Every additional wild that lands during those ten spins is roped into the same countdown, and once the timer reaches zero, all time bombs explode and evolve into their final form, with the word Wild in gold in a colourful cloud of smoke and sparkles.


Wilds of any form can be substituted for all symbols except for the scatter or robber, which means that after ten spins you get to reap the benefits of all those sticky wilds forming payline after payline. Even better, a payline of five wilds acts as a payline of five diamonds, so it’s safe to say, with this wild feature you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

The next feature in our grand caper is the free spin bonus, brought to you by landing three scattered cop cars on reels 2, 3, and 4. Normally you would be less than pleased to see a cop car while pulling a bank heist – let alone three – but in this case, you can thank luck the police have arrived, as they award you 15 free spins with a guaranteed wild count of either five, seven, or ten across the reels. These are shifting wild symbols which dance around the reels with each free spin, switching between five, seven, and (fingers crossed) ten wilds and forming different paylines with each spin.

This bonus game is a lot of fun and could give you some big wins to boost your wallet. The bonus game pauses the main countdown, so you’ll still have the same number of spins on the clock when the bonus game ends.

This slot game really has given you all the tools to take the bank. As if crowbars and bombs weren’t enough, they even give you the option to bribe your way in with the Buy feature! You’re given the option to purchase entry to the bonus game feature with 15 free spins, which each have a guaranteed number of wilds depending on how much you want to pay for this feature.

Five wilds will cost you 27x your stake, seven wilds are 50x your stake and ten wilds are 95x your stake. So if your original bet is R2, then the cost of the buy feature is R54, R100, or R190, respectively. While this might seem like a sure thing, there is no guarantee that you will even make bank, let alone exceed the amount you paid in.

Last but not least, this dynamic slot game has a gamble feature called double-up, where based on the flip of a coin, you can either double your winnings if you bet it all, or only half of your winnings if you like to play it a little safer. Please be aware that if you lose the coin toss you’ll forfeit all the winnings you bet.

All prizes can be gambled in a double-up game. If you take this option, select heads or tails and a coin spins. If you guessed right, the Take the Bank slots game doubles the triggering win and you can either collect it or keep going.


This video-slot is widely available online but can be reliably found at Hollywood Bets.

Take the Bank is available to play on mobile, desktop or laptop. It is supported on iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Recommended browsers include Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

This game has quite a bit going on, including the unusual option to buy ‘free’ spins. That said, this feature is pretty nifty and, with the ability to choose how many wilds you get per spin, you can actually rack up some solid wins. As such, we advise really trying out every aspect of this game to take full advantage of its extras.

Following on from that, however, we also advise setting a time or budget limit on play here, because those amazing wins can be just as easily tempered by sudden losses.

Take the Bank is a ridiculously fun game to engage with, thanks to the unique nature of its extra features. It is also well designed, as can only be expected from Betsoft, making this a great game to spend some time with.

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