Robin Hood’s Wild Forest by Red Tiger

Three outlaws walked into a forest…

Robin Hood’s Wild Forest

Welcome to the enchanted Sherwood, where daring adventures await in Robin Hood’s Wild Forest! Join the legendary outlaw and his band of merry men as they embark on a quest to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Are you ready to join the ranks of the legendary Robin Hood and win big in the wild forest? Let’s delve into the lush greenery and embark on an epic adventure!

You will be transported to a mystical world of medieval lore with Robin Hood’s Wild Forest. The game’s design is absolutely top notch, with stunning graphics that bring the outlaws’ hideaway in Sherwood Forest to life in all its glory. From the dappled sunlight that filters through to the treetop lair, to the rustic wooden reels adorned with intricately designed symbols, every detail is crafted with care and attention to capture the essence of the Robin Hood legend. The lively sound effects and upbeat music add to the immersive experience, creating an atmosphere that’s as jaunty as the game’s namesake. With its rich colours, vibrant animations, and charming character symbols, Robin Hood’s Wild Forest is a true masterpiece of game design that will captivate players from the very first spin

Robin Hood’s Wild Forest is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game with 10 paylines and a maximum win of 1000x your stake. The game’s symbols include playing card values from 10 to A, followed by, in order of increasing payouts, a tankard of frothy, heady ale, Robin Hood’s infamous peaked and feathered hat, a tempting sack of gold coins, and a fierce, ruby-eyed golden lion’s head.

Maid Marian, the beloved character from English folklore, brings her charm to the reels when her symbol lands, showering the reels with kisses that turn into random Wilds. At times, Maid Marian may blow even more kisses, adding more Wilds to the reels for increased winning potential!

Little John, Robin Hood’s trusted companion, is not to be underestimated either. When his symbol lands, he unleashes his strength by smashing the ground and destroying all low-paying symbols on the reels, making way for high-paying symbols to land. But wait! Little John may strike again after a payout, smashing the ground once more and destroying all symbols that are not part of winning lines and are not wilds, increasing the chances of more winning symbols appearing.

The legendary Robin Hood himself also makes an appearance on the reels, taking aim with his trusty bow and arrow. When his symbol lands, he fires arrows at a random high-paying symbol, locking it in place and triggering a respin. Even character symbols and wilds triggered by Maid Marian’s feature can be locked by Robin Hood. If more symbols of the locked type appear in the respin, they too will lock in place, triggering another respin for even more chances to win. But Robin Hood’s prowess doesn’t end there! In a respin where no symbols of the locked type land, he may shoot arrows again at the reels, adding one or more symbols of the locked type and continuing the respins for increased excitement.



3 on payline

4 on payline

5 on payline





Bag of gold
































You can take a spin through Robin Hood’s Wild Forest anywhere that Red Tiger games appear in South Africa. This includes online casinos like

Robin Hood’s Wild Forest is available to play on mobile, desktop or laptop. It is supported on iOS, Windows, Mac OS, HTML5 and Android.

This is a wild game with low volatility and a medium-high hit rate, making for exciting gameplay. It’s important to set a budget and time limit when playing any game and familiarise yourself with the game before playing. This will help you set your per-spin stake at the right level for you.

The story of Robin Hood has captivated us for centuries, and now, with this game, Red Tiger has created a whimsical and exciting adventure for anyone who admires this folk hero. Whether you play this or the Power Lines version, it’s a fun game with loads to offer.

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