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We’re heads over tails for Lucky Coins

Lucky coins

This game is nothing short of a decadent masterpiece. The background music carries just enough mystery and magic to transport you to another world, filled with lucky dragons and other fortune-bearing animals. The visual design is opulent, golden and rich, encrusted with bright emeralds, rubies, amethysts and more. It’s such a pile of gold, you’ll be looking around for the dragon that sleeps on top of it – only this dragon isn’t as cranky as Smaug, and actually wants you to raid his hoard (and no, not like that).


The symbols are all items you might find in a Chinese tourist shop: bar the scatter and wild, all the symbols are cast in gold with a colourful array of inlaid gems. Even the lower value symbols get the Midas treatment and are presented as gold coins with inset gems in the shape of either a blue diamond, a red heart, a purple spade, or a green club. The higher value symbols are all traditional Chinese animals (in descending order of value): a guardian lion or Fu dog, a lucky cat complete with animated waving paw, a turtle with a sparkling blue gem shell, and a three-legged frog bedazzled with green gems.

The wild is a green sea serpent, and the scatter is an image of two orange koi fish circling the word scatter in a yin-yang shape. There is also a bonus symbol that triggers a special feature, this is simply three gold coins with either a random number, the word mini or the word major written across the front.


Lucky Coins has four excellent special features including a free spins bonus game, which is triggered by the presence of three or more scatter symbols across reels 1, 3, and 5. This is slightly different from your usual free spins feature in that reels 2, 3 and 4 combine to form one reel that displays a single giant symbol. This is great for you as the gambler because it means wins are easier to come by: a payline would only need one additional symbol of the same type to land in reel 1, adjacent. If you land a gigantic scatter symbol you are immediately awarded three extra spins!

The Lucky Coins bonus game is activated when six or more lucky coins land across the reels. The grid changes to only contain lucky coins or blank spaces; you start with three respins, and the aim is to land as many bonus symbols as possible; every lucky coin you win resets the respins counter to three until all respins are played, or if all 15 slots on the grid are filled and you win the mega jackpot! At the end of the game, the figures on the bonus coins are tallied, and that total goes straight into your wallet!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can always take advantage of the Lucky Coins gamble feature, which lets you bet your winnings for that round on a game of double or nothing. It’s a pretty simple setup: you’re presented with a deck of cards, with the option to select red or black; pick the right one and you double your winnings, pick the wrong one and you lose it all.

This video slot is widely available on any online casino in South Africa that offers GameArt games!

Lucky Coins is available to play on mobile, desktop or laptop. It is supported on iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Recommended browsers include Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Lucky Coins is a highly immersive but also fairly high-volatility and high-risk game, so we recommend first setting a time and budget allowance for your gaming time. That said, this is a game to take risks with; higher bets may yield more losses but will pay off when the wins happen!

This game is so steeped in riches and gold, we thought for sure we’d be in trouble for invading the emperor’s treasure chamber. It’s like Aladdin’s cave, Scrooge’s money pool, and that scene from The Mummy all rolled into one lavish package. Take a chance, flip this coin, and find out if you will be showered in gold…

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