Fortune Mouse by PGSoft

Squeak for your fortune!

Fortune Mouse

According to legend, when the Jade Emperor wanted to choose the 12 animals for the zodiac, he organised a river-crossing race and invited all the animals. On the day of the race, thousands of different creatures showed up, but the one pipped to win was the cow. The bombastic bovine was certain of her win and easily pulled ahead in the midst of the flowing waters. Unbeknownst to her (and everyone else), the clever little mouse had stowed away, tucked behind her ear, warm and dry. As the cow was pulling toward the shore, ready to emerge as the first animal of the zodiac, the little mouse leapt off her head, landed on the banks, and claimed victory. Today, the mouse is not only the first sign of the zodiac, but the mascot of fortune you’ve been waiting for!

Let’s be honest – mice are adorable. Their little squeaks, wiggling noses and quick movements all add up to one powerfully cute creature. But did you know that the mouse is also a symbol of good fortune? In ancient times in China, mice in your home were a sign that you had more than enough food for them to steal. This little cutie pie is no different – except he won’t eat your sandwich!

Our well-dressed, shiny-faced, smiling mouse companion lives in the lap of luxury, surrounded by riches and culinary delights. With a classic Asian theme running throughout the design, you’ll feel transported back to the Ming Dynasty itself, where you – and the mouse – get to enjoy the wealth around you.

Fortune Mouse is a classic 3-reel, 3-row game with 5 paylines and the Fortune Mouse continuous respin trigger. It features the following seven symbols, in ascending value: peanuts, an orange, firecrackers, moneybag, money pouch, the Fortune Mouse banner, and the wild, which is our little mousie friend himself. The payouts on these are 3x, 5x, 15x, 30x, 50x, 100x, and 300x, respectively. However, striking a wild on a payline across all three reels will win you an absolutely staggering 1000x your bet.

The game’s five paylines run as follows: horizontal top row, horizontal middle row, horizontal bottom row, diagonal left-to-right, and diagonal right-to-left.

The Fortune Mouse respins feature can happen during any spin. The centre reel becomes populated by three Wild symbols while the reels are spinning. This automatically triggers continuous free respins until you hit a win.

The game’s volatility is medium, with an RTP of 96.96%

Fortune Mouse is a pretty new game, and it can reliably be found wherever PGSoft games can be played.

Fortune Mouse is available to play on mobile, desktop or laptop. It is supported on iOS, Windows, Mac OS, HTML5 and Android.

Start the game by choosing your bet. You can also choose the autospin feature, which allows you to sit back and watch the hunt unfold, and toggle the turbo spin to skip watching the spins.

Fortune Mouse is a welcome addition to our play rotation, with its adorable main character, easy gameplay, and opportunities to win big. We’ve come to expect good things from PGSoft over the years, and they’ve definitely delivered another winner with this one!

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