Emperors Palace Casino

Top land casinos in South Africa

A well-known venue for fans of boxing, travellers looking for somewhere close to the airport to stay, conferences, and of course a rather sizeable casino. Emperors Palace in Gauteng is a mainstay of the gambler’s palaces in South Africa, a massive place with a 1,710 slot machines and 69 table games.

The decadent Roman-themed décor is a testament to big. It’s a big place just like that ancient Empire. Where some of our favourite casinos offer a Salon Privé where players can enjoy exclusivity, Emperors has a main casino floor, FOUR semi-private areas (Velarium Casino, Emperors Club Casino, Emporium Casino, Victorium Casino), and THREE ‘exclusive’ Privé areas (Slots Privé, Salon Privé, Garden Court Privé).

Still, it does serve to keep guests entertained in an area that is not the most attractive in terms of scenery and natural wonders. Regular slots tournaments and high stakes poker competitions also keep the serious players returning to this bastion of betting bonanzas.

But it is an insane destination for gamblers so if quantity is your thang, Emperors is certainly going to keep you extremely happy!

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