Funky Time by Evolution Games

Forget Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive, this is every night fever, and it comes to you LIVE!

Get your groove on with a dazzling disco extravaganza packed with win multipliers, four bonus rounds and some of the funkiest live hosts this side of a 70s dancefloor.

Funky Time puts all the glitz of the 70s disco era on a live stage with a live host and incredible sets. Disco lights, lit up floors, flared trouser suits, wide lapels, and chunky heels set the tone for a unique, super-funky online Live Casino experience.

Choose your letters, numbers, or bonus slots. Place your bet. Watch the host with the most spin the Funky Time wheel and boogie down to the beat as you wait for your bets to hit. With 64 segments on the wheel, broken down into sets of the number 1, the letters P, L, A, Y, F, U, N, K, Y, T, I, M, E, and the bonus Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco, players have a wealth of options to choose from. Set the wheel spinning like a roulette wheel and watch as the light ball throws out random win multipliers. If the wheel stops on your chosen segment, you win. If there is a win multiplier on that segment, you win big!

You want the lowdown, the skinny? Don’t be a closet disco queen. Funky Time has all the threads, the Foxy Mamas, the Casanovas, and the vibes to get any jive turkey onto the dancefloor, and all the action and win potential to satisfy any online casino fan’s needs.

For that extra cool factor, Funky Time also packs in the win multipliers and the bonus features. Picking and landing on the 1s and letters will pay out immediately, and if there is a win multiplier attached, that pay out can be boosted from 2x up to 50x.

But it’s the bonus features that really get the funk flowing. Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco are where it’s at, you hip cat.

Bar Feature

Land on the Bar segment and the host will take you to the retro futuristic bar where a robot will mix you a Funky Time cocktail. Choose your glass from the three empty glasses and watch as the bartender fills them up with win multipliers. After the drinks are poured, a final win multiplier is awarded from a single line slot on the bartender’s head and added randomly to one of the glasses. You dance away with whatever multipliers are in your chosen glass.

Stayin’ Alive Feature

Land on the Stayin’ Alive segment and the host will take you to a ball drawing machine with 90 coloured balls and a 20-level multiplier ladder that increases all the way up to a 1,000x multiplier. You start on a 5x win multiplier with four lives. Pick a colour (green, pink, or orange), and if your chosen coloured ball lands you move up the ladder.

But be careful, there are some balls that can change your fortune or lose you a life.

STOP ball (black) — you lose a life and stay on the same multiplier level as before

1-step ball (green, pink or orange) — if this ball is drawn and its colour matches your choice, you advance on the multiplier ladder by one level

2-step ball (green, pink or orange) — if this ball is drawn and its colour matches your choice, you advance on the multiplier ladder by two levels.

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus game continues until no lives are left on the counter.

Disco and VIP Disco Feature

The funkiest of the Funky Town features starring Mr Funky, the dancing Casanova who will set you up for huge wins.

The Disco feature takes place on a 37-square virtual dance floor, and the VIP Disco feature on a larger 63-square dance floor with bigger multipliers.

In both games, Mr Funky starts to show off his dance moves in the middle of the dance floor. The host, in the DJ booth, spins a mini wheel with eight segments showing four directions: up, down, left and right. Whichever direction the wheel stops on, that’s where Mr Funky makes his next move.

As he grooves across the floor, Mr Funky collects two types of multipliers on the dance floor squares:

Regular multipliers — these add to your total as you collect them. For example, when you collect a 2 and a 10 Regular multiplier, your total multiplier in the game becomes 12x.

Floor multipliers (X on the square) — these double the values of five random Regular multiplier squares on the dance floor.

Each Bonus game ends whenever Mr Funky falls off the edge of the dance floor.

Any premium online and mobile casino that offers Evolution games should have Funky Time in their portfolio. Our top choice is for their full selection of awesome Live Casino games including Funky Town

Funky Town is available to play on all desktop and mobile devices.

Funky Time is a brand-new Evolution online and mobile Live Casino game with an RTP of between 95.38% and 95.99% depending on the game stage or feature. It is truly unique and features the ground-breaking Digiwheel technology from Evolution, the most amazing hosts, and the most entertaining gaming we’ve had since we donned our flared trousers – plus some truly staggering max win potentials thanks to all the multipliers.

Absolutely one of the fun-est and funkiest online and mobile Live Casino games we’ve played in ages. Evolution never cease to amaze us with their innovations and their creative approach to bringing us great games and stylish design. And their hosts are consummate professionals. Perfectly dressed to fit the theme, confident and friendly, and they really know their way around the set, the game, and the theme.

Get your groove on and get ready to move!

Game Preview

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